Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FGM in Kenya

FGM which is female genital mutilation is the main factor in Kenya as why girls do not complete their education.
FGM is a very delicate cultural actions that some communities in Kenya do follow.
Girls who are in the adolescent stage are always forced to undergo the ritual to prepare them for their marriage in early stage.
The process is always done with elder women in society who may claim to be so cultural.
During the process hygiene is not always considered and in turn the women may use the same blade or knife to circumcise the girls, this is always dangerous since it may lead to spread of HIV/AIDS.
After the process girls daily activities are always affected and for instance it is always very painful for the girls to pass urine so in turn the girls usually miss out the classes to heal the wounds.
Due to FGM girls may drop out of school because after the initiation they are always ready to get married and to make the matter worse due to excessively bleeding they may get weak and die.
And finally in future FGM usually leads to parental problems that is girls/ women may be unable to give birth or may die during the process,

These are the factors which do make Kenyan girls remain behind when it comes to their education.
This is a very pathetic problem for the girls since they are told FGM is there to preserve their virginity or be a pleasure for their future husbands.

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orietta said...

thanks Rebecca. this fact is terrible. But I have been in other web sites and I found out there are many NGOS working to stop FGM. I found this web site:
what do you think about that?
have you ever interviewed some girls who had been cut? what do they think? will they let their children to be cut as well?
ciao a tutte!