Friday, November 2, 2007

Rose and Margaret

Hallo friends,
Here in Kenya girl do experience many challenges when it comes to their education.
Most of the small girls have to encounter child labour for them to proceed with their education.
Girls do lack basic things for them to study : example books pens and ruler in turn they may join up some paper for them to make up a book.
Socially they may face embaracement since they may lack sanitay towels which makes them embarassed and unable to mingle with the boys in the class rooms: inturn they may use pieces of old clothes or completly miss the class for about a week.
For the girls who come form Magadi (maasai land) may be forced into (FGM) Female genital mutilation and in turn they may get married as earle as 12 or9.
This condition makes Kenya A place of illitrate girls.

Then some thing needs to be done and we can do it together!!!

Margaret Warukira
Her nick nae is Maggie
Is a seventeen uear old girl who is born in a family of seven kids.
Rose comes from Waithaka in Dagoreti division of Nairobi Distict.
Margret aspires to be an accountant after completing her high school.
She encounters many problems sine she has to walk for a long distance from home to school.
Her mom who is a green grocer has hope in her although the high school education is costly for her and hence it made her drop out of school.
Through these project Margaret has been able to have hope again since she joined school once more again.
But Margaret needs mor suppport to compete her studies.

Rose Adhiambo
Well known as Sweety
Is a fifteen year old girl born from a family of two kids with a single mother who is disable.
Rose elder brother could not complete her education since it was expensive for her mom to afford.
Her mom works as untrained teacher in Kibera slums where she earns less for Rose education.
For primary school education Rose was educated by catholic brothers missionaries even before the free primary education in Kenya,
Rose Passed well and Through her moms struggle she managed to join high school these year but unfortunately she has dropped out of school due to luck of enough funds.
Now she stays with her aunt where she assist her to clean the house and take care of the kids.
Despite all these challenges Rose still has hope to complete her education and she still dreams to be a nurse in future.


Manuela Accarpio said...

Hi Rebecca
keep an eye on this organisation:

I think it can interesting for you!

orietta said...

Good blog!
Hallo Rebecca, I would like to know something more about the situation of FGM in Kenya.

Manuela Accarpio said...

see that article posted on the 12 october in the Nation: