Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in Kibera

As you walk around Kibera slums everyone is happy and jovial inoder to celebrate the birh of christ.

As you turn back in the area most men are drunk and they dont even know what to do next.
Most kids are happy since they know they will have new clothes from fall flee market (Toi market)

Most women were anxious since they dint know what to cook, most kids do prefer eating chapatis and chiken but unfortunately the flour was so costly so most of them ended up eating Ugali (made from maize flour) and sukuma wiki which is the cheapest vegetable.

For those who had enough money went to Uhuru park where they had an opportunity to see fish relax and have some ice creams.

But the situation was hectic since after the boxing day they had to vote for the New members of parliament and of course a new president.
Finally the voting has been done and most people in Kibera expect Raila Odinga as a new president since he is the member of parliament of Kibera.
The situation is now calm since people are quietly waiting for the presidential candidate to be announced by the electrol commission of Kenya( ECK).
And we hope for the best!!!!!


Miss Welby said...

it seems Odinga won (congratulations) but there are big troubles right now in Kibera: unrest and fights.
I cross my fingers and wish you the best

Miss Welby said...

Italian biggest newspaper Corriere says that European observers are critical of the way the ballots were counted.

According to Reuters (see below), there are SHOOTINGS AND FIRES IN KIBERA. We worry about you Reb, my advise to people in Kibera is to stay calm and quiet and accept in a nonviolent way this unfair situation which will change "naturally" anyway in due course: Kibaki is 76-y-o... you know what I mean, soon God will take care of helping you get rid of him...

la vittoria di Kibaki non ha certo placato gli animi nel Paese. In migliaia sono scesi in piazza a Nairobi per protestare e sono cominciati nuovi disordini e scontri tra la popolazione. Secondo alcune testimonianze rese note dall'agenzia britannica Reuters, nel quartiere di Kibera, il più grande e degradato della capitale keniota, si sono uditi diversi colpi d'arma da fuoco, mentre alcune case sarebbero state date alle fiamme. Un elicottero della polizia sorvola l'area e agenti in assetto antisommossa hanno sparato in aria per disperdere la folla.

Miss Welby said...

BBC radio say now that the election were rigged. I repeat: please stay calm, quiet and nonviolent.

God, the European Union, and the Bbc, Reuters and Corriere, all the international media are with your cause.

keep quiet, DO NOT FIGHT, just wait for him to die. it won't be long

Miss Welby said...

over 100 victims in Kibera?
I repeat: keep quiet, don't fight.
you have have on your side UK and Germany and now even president Bush from the US says is no longer happy.

when the American administration is not happy with something, it means they are going to sort it out. so DO NOT FIGHT: America and Europe are going to remove Kibera by any mean. they have the Navy and air-power and secret agents ready to kill him.

so DO NOT FIGHT, keep nonviolent, just be patient and wait, it will be sorted out

Miss Welby said...

latest news:

along other international media, Corriere's journalist Altichieri reports over 200 victims :(

BBC open the news with Kenya and say that prime minister Gordon Brown is quite angry.

again I repeat to the people of Kenya: keep quiet, stay calm. you have America with you, plus the EU observers and in particular Germany and now the UK.

there's NO NEED for violence: when Europe and America agree (this is the case), the rigging bastard will be forced to move out in no time. it only takes an American ambassador to tell him "fuck off".

just be patient, DO NOT FIGHT

school for the girls said...

Ciao miss Welby thank for you comment they have made us to remain calm and and to hope for the best.