Thursday, December 6, 2007

Disability and Girls

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Hallo friends today we are going to focus on how disability do affect girls.
For example Spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus means water in the brain and spina bifida is a bag of nerves on the back of a new born baby.
Spinabifida is a result of lack of enough follic acid/folate in the mothers body immediately or the first 28 days after conception.(that's why mothers are required to take follic acid before conceiving)

Girls with SB and HC do encounter many problems because these defects do result to a higher level of disabilty.
For example kids with the defect may need more medical attention:
They may need to go for surgeries more frequently and also they may need more time spent on them.
Some kids with the defect most of the time they may have loose bladders and also they may have problems to control their bowel,in turn this leads to stigma in our society, and even when it comes to their education they may have more problems like dropping out of school due to embarrassment.
The usually face more problems since they may need braces which are costly and due to poverty the kids may end up without special shoes or braces and hence leading to feet infections and later amputation of the feet due to pressure sores.

NB: having SPINA BIFIDA i have experienced these problems.


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