Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rose and Mom

Hallo friends
Rose is now fifteen years old and she has a wonderful dreams of becoming a doctor right away after her studies.
Rose does stay in Kibera slums with her mom who is physically disabled.
Her mother also has wonderful dreams about Rose since she is the only one who has managed to join high school.
Due to higher poverty In Kibera slums the brother to rose had to drop out of school since the mother could no longer cater for the school fees.

Rose really admires to be a role model to the girls in Kibera she has hopes of completing her high school education so that she can empower other girls in the area.

Rose is now out of school and she is really scared since she no longer has fee for her education.
These is an issue which makes her worried about achieving her goals.
She like meeting friends (girls) and mobilizing them about HIV/AIDS and also she likes swimming and football.
She does use the activities to stop her from being stressful and keeping her safe from idleness.
Since she knows an Idle mind is a devils workshop.

She is a very nice girl who hopes for the better Kibera in future.
Rose hope for the best in everything she endoever


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