Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in Kibera

As you walk around Kibera slums everyone is happy and jovial inoder to celebrate the birh of christ.

As you turn back in the area most men are drunk and they dont even know what to do next.
Most kids are happy since they know they will have new clothes from fall flee market (Toi market)

Most women were anxious since they dint know what to cook, most kids do prefer eating chapatis and chiken but unfortunately the flour was so costly so most of them ended up eating Ugali (made from maize flour) and sukuma wiki which is the cheapest vegetable.

For those who had enough money went to Uhuru park where they had an opportunity to see fish relax and have some ice creams.

But the situation was hectic since after the boxing day they had to vote for the New members of parliament and of course a new president.
Finally the voting has been done and most people in Kibera expect Raila Odinga as a new president since he is the member of parliament of Kibera.
The situation is now calm since people are quietly waiting for the presidential candidate to be announced by the electrol commission of Kenya( ECK).
And we hope for the best!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rose and Mom

Hallo friends
Rose is now fifteen years old and she has a wonderful dreams of becoming a doctor right away after her studies.
Rose does stay in Kibera slums with her mom who is physically disabled.
Her mother also has wonderful dreams about Rose since she is the only one who has managed to join high school.
Due to higher poverty In Kibera slums the brother to rose had to drop out of school since the mother could no longer cater for the school fees.

Rose really admires to be a role model to the girls in Kibera she has hopes of completing her high school education so that she can empower other girls in the area.

Rose is now out of school and she is really scared since she no longer has fee for her education.
These is an issue which makes her worried about achieving her goals.
She like meeting friends (girls) and mobilizing them about HIV/AIDS and also she likes swimming and football.
She does use the activities to stop her from being stressful and keeping her safe from idleness.
Since she knows an Idle mind is a devils workshop.

She is a very nice girl who hopes for the better Kibera in future.
Rose hope for the best in everything she endoever

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cultural belief in Africa about disabilty

In Africa when a baby is born everyone is always happy and ready to accept the kid.
But on the contrary when a baby is born with various disabilities like blindness, deaf, mentally handicapped or physically handicapped that becomes a source of embarrassment and in turn the baby may be hidden.

In Malava part of western province of Kenya which borders Uganda when a baby is born with a physical defect he/she may not be allowed to go to school is they are considered as abnormal.
And to them abnormality comes from a curse, bad omen or witchcraft and consequently it leads to stigmatization of the persons with disabilities.
A few who attend schools may be from very rich families or may be sponsored by organizations.
Among the Bakabras of western province in Kenya when someone dies he is kept in a hole dug in his sitting room then transferred to a grave in front of his house for him or her to be remembered but in the case of a disable they are buried `thrown` in the backyard and their grave is covered with banana leaves for them to be forgotten forever.
This shows complete stigma and neglect in a life time.

In western Kenya boys are always circumcised in a cultural way like going to the bush(seclusion, separation) and where they may need to dance vigorously as they come back home.
But for the disable child it is so difficult: while according to them if the young boy has not gone for the all process he is not considered as a man and therefore not allowed to marry.

In the year 2003 (Kenya) when new president was coming to power (President Kibaki). He promised free primary education for all kids forgeting that the county had disable students and therefore as the parents with regular students were celebrating about free education and how they could save for the high school fee, but on the contrary the parents with disable kids dint have anything to celebrate for, since the special schools are still expensive since the kids may need Braille machines, special teachers and conducive environment where the wheelchairs can move without disturbing the kids.

According to the government giving the disable people support means giving them crutches, wheelchairs and food and forgetting the saying "teach me how to fish but don't give me the fish" they end up not given education .

To some extend government may build institutions for carpentry masonry, hairdressing and tailoring
But I do wonder, cant the disable people be professionals??????????? Like doctors, lawyers and even lectures.

According to Werner in his book THE DISABLE VILLAGE CHILDREN he says `disable persons and families must Begin to work together to look for resources and to reeducate both themselves and community.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Disability and Girls

Ciao Miss Welby thanks for your comment and suggestion on these blog it has made a big impact on improving these blog more comments are welcomed. Thanks alot.

Hi Orietta and Manuela I really appreciate your comments because they have made me work more for girls and do much reasearch as well.
More Comments are welcomed.
Keep it going!!!!!!

Hallo friends today we are going to focus on how disability do affect girls.
For example Spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus means water in the brain and spina bifida is a bag of nerves on the back of a new born baby.
Spinabifida is a result of lack of enough follic acid/folate in the mothers body immediately or the first 28 days after conception.(that's why mothers are required to take follic acid before conceiving)

Girls with SB and HC do encounter many problems because these defects do result to a higher level of disabilty.
For example kids with the defect may need more medical attention:
They may need to go for surgeries more frequently and also they may need more time spent on them.
Some kids with the defect most of the time they may have loose bladders and also they may have problems to control their bowel,in turn this leads to stigma in our society, and even when it comes to their education they may have more problems like dropping out of school due to embarrassment.
The usually face more problems since they may need braces which are costly and due to poverty the kids may end up without special shoes or braces and hence leading to feet infections and later amputation of the feet due to pressure sores.

NB: having SPINA BIFIDA i have experienced these problems.