Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is a festive season... but (WHY FGM)?

I t is a nice festive season all over the world and people are so happy.
everything is going on well except some people want to misinterpret the real meaning of the word celebrating.
It is an issue about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
When I started blogging I talked about this issue but still is it is so burning since people are not turning.
It is so pathetic to see women going through the Hardship of FGM. it is so painful and it has a very bad impact. yet some people whoa er even learned they don't want to accept that.
FGM is making women go through a big hardship.

So we can turn this season to a real season..... where we don't interpret in a wrong a way the meaning of cerebrating.. where we can keep and maintain woman's integrity.... where women will be free and happy once more again.
because FGM has a bad impact on a woman psychologically and even physically where by a woman may get some infections of viruses like AIDS, and it may be more difficult for them to give birth in the future and to make the matter worse more women here in Africa are dying due to FGM which does not make any sense.

I pray and people will support me on this issue.

ps: a woman in Africa going through FGM

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did you see Venus and Jupiter beside the moon

On Monday it was a bit tough for me..... but not so tough.
I had a scary exam and so I got somehow tired.

But is the evening it was so amazing when I went outside in the evening I saw the moon surrounded by two stars it was so amazing..... the following morning I realized it was Jupiter and Venus around.
I took it as a lesson..... don't think you are alone there is someone by your side to support you just like Jupiter and Venus!!
I hope it is also a lesson to you.
Blessed day

Friday, November 14, 2008

Todays thought

Sometimes in this world we usually look down upon ourselves due to the position that we are in.
May be because of the financial status or even social status. but we should take in mind:

"The most important thing in this world is not where we are, but in what direction we are moving"

This may give us courage to struggle for tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are you ready to vote?

Hey it is a tough fight for both Mcain and Obama.
I hope the US citizen you are going to vote in a right way.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kikoy - School for the Girls

Hullo Friends,

We are just so happy and we dont really know how to express ourselves.

A Kikoy can be used as a shawl, towel, and can make a shirt, skirt, trouser e.t.c

T o support one girl you can buy one kikoy or support one girl and get one kikoy and beaded bangle free!!!!

Your support will be highly appreciated!!!!

Please check Pauls blog: http://www.abspoel.blogspot.com/

He really knows what we are talking about, and he just received a kikoy and bangles for his daughters (Sosha and Pascalle).

Thanks so much Paul.

Regards from School for the Girls

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some inspiration

Through the International Federation for persons with Spinabifida and Hydrocephalus http://www.ifglobal.org/ we have been able to learn about spina bifida and hydrocephalus and how we can prevent our new born babies from getting the deformities.
In the world people think once someone is disabled or has a disability he/she is disabled in both ways but I am so pleased with one girl (nine year old who has done alot through dancing). This is so inspiring and at least she can prove people who have some prejudice to be wrong.
She has Spina Bifida and she is good in dancing


Congratulation Rita!!!!!!!

School for the Girls

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kikoy for our project

Hallo Friends,

We are so happy for the well wishers have bought the kikoys to support school For The Girls and the Girls themselves.

Just as a reminder You can buy one kikoy and support one of the girls or pay fees for one girl and get one kikoy free.

We are so grateful for those who bought the kikoy. They have assisted in a big way!!


School For The Girls

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi Friends,

In this world there are so inspiring that we should not forget to mention.

Just close your eyes and imgine a blind person running and yet he/she cannot see, imagine someone who cannot walk plying basketball seated and also imagine.

Also imagine some cannot walk but he or she can play tennis!!!!!!

Most inspiring things, please remember not to take things for granted.


School For The Girls

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympics

I am so happy
through the olympics we have been able to learn alot from other countries as well as ours
I was so excited about Kenyas Performance being No one in Africa

How did your country perform?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Albinos living in fear _Tanzania

For the recent times it has been so sad and it is still sad for what is happening for the albino community in Tanzania and also some parts Of Africa, People who are albino have been known as a curse and hence the majority have been feeling like they are inferior compared to the other people of the society.
In some communities they are not allowed to marry while in others they are neglected and buried at night as a sign of a bad omen in the community for example in interior Kenya.
To make the matter worse.......

Member of the albino community have been killed due to the horrible superstition that once you have one part of the albino body you can become rich automatically:which is an advice from the witch doctors, so these has lead to killing of over 75 albinos living in Tanzania,

Most people who are involved in the witch craft have been advised to go as far as cooking and eating the part of the body of the albinos.
The people of the albino community have been forced to live in fear and they don't really know where to seek refuge.
The Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete has been forced to send the police so that the albinos can have security. Also all the albinos are being registered in Tanzania and being put into a home where they can stay together, even the burial sites of the Albinos is being cemented so that people cannot remove them from the grave.
I feel it being so unfair because they are just human beings like us and the only difference is the colour They don't even need to be registered since they are like other citizens and they have all the human rights.
How do you feel about it?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Education the key to everything

Education is the best thing in life not just because of our career but because of the knowledge that we get.
but so surprisingly student in Kenya they have decided to strike I don't really know what is eating them up.
Most of them claim is due to lack of entertainment, and many other things but it is so sad for such things to be happening.
Have you ever encountered such a situation in high school level? if so pliz let us know.................

Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls and the kikoy project for school fee

Hallo Friends!!

I am so glad for those who have shown their interest in supporting the girls by either buying the kikoy fabric or paying the school fee for the girls.

By doing so you can support girls from Kibera area which is among the biggest slum in The world.

You can buy one fabric using 20 euros or pay school fee for one girl and get one beaded African bracelet (Bangle) and one kikoy.

Your support will be highly appreciated!!!!!

Above is a picutre of Katrin wearing a Kikoy and a lady wearing a beaded bangle
Please note: our prices have changed because of shipping cost

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls selling the Kikoy fabric for fee

Hallo all friends!!!
Welcome to school for the girls,
All the girls who are members of the SCHOOL FOR THE GIRLS (students from Kibera) have started some small project of selling the Kikoy fabric for their school fee.
Kikoy is a beautiful fabric used by both men and women, some are used as towel, others as shawl, bed covers, some are used for making beautiful bags.
All the members of the school for the girls have started on this project so that they can avoid being idle and at the same time get some gains for their school fees so that they can make a better tomorrow for Kibera, education is the only thing which can eradicate poverty in Kibera!!!!!!

If you buy one Kikoy fabric you will support one of the girls and you will make a nice global friendship since you will make the world a better place for girls.

  • If you support one of the girls you will get one kikoy free and one beautiful bangle made of beads.
  • Or you can buy one kikoy for 20 US dollars and support the girls
Thanks so much
School For the Girls

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ii is so sad!!!!
Africa cold have been the best place on earth, if only our leaders could allow democracy, avoid selfishness and greediness.

I pray for a better Africa.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Experience of a guardian with a disabled child

This early morning as I was going through and old news paper (Daily Nation January 29, 2003.)
One story really touched my heart and I realized how disabled people are stigmatized and the pain which they go through being taken as less human being.

Every so often, Cynthia Shihafu breaks into a song, one from a repertoire of hopeful Christian hymnal and children play song.
She loves to sing says her grand mother, 60 year old Berneta Shihafu. Cynthia is a cheerful 15 year old girl who has never been able to use her limbs. At her Lirembe village in I kolomani Kakamega district, her sad story is whispered among neighbors who peep at her through a hedge that rings the compound.
Unable to move her own, Cynthia has never been able to leave her grandparents compound. She relies on her grand mother to move her out of the house so that she can sun her self, then back to a warn sofa, where she lies most of the times. But she is not oblivious of her surrounding: “ my friends come here to teach me how to sing,” says Cynthia “They teach me very many things, and I am very happy.
She is particularly fond to one friend. “Sharon is my best friend. I always want to accompany her to school and to the church. She teaches me Christian songs and poems,” she adds.
Sharon is one of Cynthia’s greatest friends. “children in the neighborhood unlike adults like her very much,” says Berneta. “They are always here after schools to or during the weekends to keep her company.”
In her heart Cynthia longs to go to school. “I would like to go to school so that I can read and write. I want to walk and run like other children” she mumbles, a wry smile lighting her beautiful face.
Hope aside, her guardian has more practical problem. As she tries to move the girl from the house to the mattress laid out a few meters away, Cynthia groans in pain and glows at Imaginary objects.
All the while, terrified relatives stand watching in semi paralysis. Unable to accomplish the task, Berneta calls in an aunt who manages to pull Cynthia from the sofa. And the half-carried, she is taken to the mattress, placed where her father house once stood.
“The house collapsed when my son and wife fled, explains Berneta. “They went away as soon as they realized Berneta was disabled” she adds as she struggles to stop her grand daughter from crawling off the mattress.
“My only son, Bernard was working in Nairobi where he got his wife. They came home with baby Cynthia when she was only a few months old. They love her very much since she was their first child. Btu when it dawned on them she was disabled, my daughter in law complained about the state of the child.” Then one morning in 1989 we work up to find out she had left, her husband followed the suite a few days later. We have followed them everywhere but we were told they are living separately in Nairobi.”
Her grand parents once took Cynthia to Kisumu provincial general hospital when she was a toddler in their initial attempt to treat her deformity. They also took her to Malava hospital in desperate attempt to save her but all was in vain. “We took her to church for prayers but her condition did not improve, so we have brought her back home where she has remained ever since” says Shikami.
At malava hospital, doctors designed a simple orthopedic chair to enable Cynthia to sit up but the technology did not help. Cynthia could not sit up, the chair, the semblance of the of the wheelchair is gathering dust at Shikami’s house.
Shikami had sold some of his family land and was at his financial tether’s end. He gave up on any attempts to treat her after that.
“We believe this girl can still be helped. She is very conscious of what is happening around her.What she need is specialized treatment,” her grand girl, but we love her we are determined to see her getting up” says Shikami. Cynthia’s grand parents says some of the villagers have been treating her like an out cast, but they think there is nothing irreparably wrong with her.
“I have to be around her all the times says Berneta. “ I have to bathe her, feed her and watch over her all the times, it is a job no one else can do.”
Cynthia’s condition was not well diagnosed but her grand parents who say doctors who saw her when she was two said she was disabled two limbs.
The shikami’s are appealing for their son to return home and look after their daughter. “ this girl is too beautiful to be abandoned. I am appealing to my son wherever he is, to come back home and see his daughter.” Says the grand mother

Friday, May 30, 2008

Community work at Mathare mental hospital

It is an early Thursday morning a day which was planned earlier by the missionary brothers of the New life home and other volunteers including my self.
the day begging by packing food for people with mental problem at the Mathare hospital then followed by prayers before leaving the place.
The mental problem is situated in Nairobi at mathare area, being there for the first time I am a bit scared.
we are not allowed to enter the maximum wards since the people there are so violent so it is risky.
the situation is so melancholic as we enter the women wards, some women with mental problems look so sad and desperate, others are exited and thy are singing, surprisingly most women are so beautiful and they don't seem to have any mental problem.
Before distributing the donated food we first gave them a chance to narrate their stories or brought them to the mental hospital.
Through that I learned a lot:

  • we should avoid use of drugs, like cocaine and the rest.
  • In life we should be ready for anything or any change.
  • love affairs also has contributed long to people becoming mad, due to people being unfaithful to their partners so in case of such a case we need to have courage.
  • we should try as much as we can ton avoid being stressed about things, we should do the best but not over think about some things because they can cause trouble. example mathematics, i saw some doing some calculations.
  • the fourth golden rule is we must be happy in everything that we are doing and we should be satisfied with whatever we have but we should not over think about them
  • Remember to be happy all the times and try as much as you can to avoid violent reaction which will make you regret after reacting.
  • love your self and be proud of yourself since you are a unique person.

have you ever visited any place for community work or any mental hospital?
if so share with me what you experience or what you think causes mental problem or anything else that you have ever experienced about the community and its dangers.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What you like about your country

For every good person he or she must be proud of her country
For example after the post election violence it was so embarrassing for more Kenyans to say they come from Kenya but the fact remained that we are still Kenyans and Kenya is still beautiful as it used to be!!!!!!!!

Every country has a privilege to be called she this is why I am going to write about Kenya being a beautiful country in School For The Girls

Below check on beautiful pictures of Kenya

The beautiful site of our capital city Nairobi (Uhuru Park)

I like our wildlife

Lake VictoriaLake Naivasha our beautiful lakes
And finally I like our cultures

Let me know how beautiful your country is and why you consider it as she!!!!
If you have ever visited Kenya tell me the likes and the dislikes


Friday, May 2, 2008

strength of a woman

Manyatta is a traditional maasai house: it is always built by women according to them; all the house work belong to women and men should take care of the cattle and defend the manyatta: If a maasai woman can build a house this shows how strong the women are. and how they are concerned about the well being of the society.
So all women should be respected and be appreciated for all the good things they do.
A picture of a beautiful Vietnam woman holding a baby.

This is a picture of a maasai woman holding its baby and at the same time selling the beads: this shows how creative women are.

This is a picture of a Zulu woman caring a beer pot on her head. This shows how strong women are.

This is a picture of a Zulu woman holding her baby this shows how much women care

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hallo friends
My name is Albright Ayoyi I am in class 3, stay in Kibera and a member of school for the girls.
I am struggling with my studies so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a neural surgeon.
I like skipping rope, running and swimming.
I also like staying with my friends who understand me, I like flowers because they represent love.
My favourite food is pumpkin and vegetable, Ugali and sukuma wiki which is widely eaten in Kenya.
I also like chips and sausage but not so much because they can make me unhealthy.
I like my self but I do encounter small problems like being mocked by my friends because of my hand.
but I want to overcome my challenge and become a neural surgeon so that I can help people who are just like me.
School fee is also my challenge due to the poverty surrounding our area.
I thank God because of School for the girls because of it I can be able to study and also my friend s can do so.
I will be glad for your support and you can even come to visit us here in Kibera.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Importance of reading

Some people find it difficult to read because they don't have interest in books or they are too lazy to do so.
But we should know more things about reading:

(1) Reading is an inspiration and a gift that human kind have.
through reading one may get inspiration due to the events that take place example Ben Carson's 'Think big' and Gifted 'hands' which can make some one feel good and worth.

(2) through reading you can also have a vision and through it you can be able to protect your self and to some extend have leadership qualities.
In this case if we consider Chinua Achebe's book 'Things Fall Apart 'and also a Swahili writer Ken Walibora in his book 'Siku Njema' which means a nice day.

(3) You can also gain some wisdom from literature for example in the 'big' book the bible King Solomon give wise words which can lead you.

(4) Through it you can also get a sign of togetherness and you can feel you belong, you can also feel you are loved, you can know your origin and also the origin of the world which some times become a difficult question to answer.

(5) Finally reading makes you younger than you have ever thought of.
For example in many cases you may get your teacher still young just like you left him/her 10 or 20 years ago and it is only because of reading.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)
Reading makes one great and rich.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why women remain to be good

In this world most people have negative attitudes towards women for example being viewed as inferior.
Although most women have emotional problems as a weakness but in contrary many things in this universe have been achieved by women
I have just tried think about How African women do take care of their young ones. I think without them we could not have been talking about the next African Generation, it could have also been impossible for men to take care of the kids.
In any case women who are from the pastrolist community like the maasai here in Kenya they can walk for about 5 or 6 Kilometers searching for water, fire wood and at the same time holding their babies. To me that proof how strong women are.
Women in this world have achieved a lot for example the 2004 Nobel prize winner Wangare Mathai a woman who was and is still considering our environment.
From the beginning some people dint never took her words seriously only because she is a woman, but finally she became a role model to many.
Most women have tried to prove their leadership qualities for example in America Hillary Clinton has really tried to come up and she is a best model to many women.

Even if today is Aprils fools day I don't want people to be fooled the women are inferior.

Above is a picture of a maasai woman Holding a baby and selling the maasai beads at the same time

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friends to the people with disability

I came across a poem which was written by the roman catholic sisters who have been working with the disabled children in Africa (Uganda).
It really inspired me since one should look at some ones ability but not just what he or she can not do.
I hope you will enjoy learn more and be challenged as you go through it.


Blessed are you who take time to listen to my difficult speech,
For you help me to know
if I persevere i can be understood,

Blessed are you who never bid me to hurry, or take my tasks for me,
For often I need time rather than help,

Blessed are you who stand beside me as i enter new untried ventures,
For my failures will be out weighed,
by the time I surprise my self to you,

Blessed are you who ask for my help,
For my greatest need is to be needed,

Blessed are you who understand that it is difficult
for me to put my thoughts into words,

Blessed are you, with smile,
Encourage me to try once more,

Blessed are you who never remind me,
That today I ask the same question twice,

Blessed are you who respect me and love me as I am,
Not as you wish I were

It is a nice and encouraging poem, i hope you will learn, and be challenged as you go through it.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Child labour affecting girls education in Kibera slums

is among the the worlds biggest slums.
Due to poverty surrounding the area most girls have dropped out of school and they have ended up joining some local work like being baby sitters starting from an early age of eight or nine.
Most girls from Kibera slums have ruined their life's due to illiteracy and hence Kibera as a ghetto has become a laughing stock where no one admires to come from.
Due to the illiteracy around the area peer pressure has affected most girls and on the impact they have ended up abusing drugs like bang, cocaine (affecting their health) and to make the matters worse early parent hood has been a negative out come from the girls.
In the neighbourhood it is so pathetic to note maria who is only 13 and she became pregnant and she had no one to turn to therefore she had to go for an abortion which is illegal in Kenya.
It is so hurtful for the bright girl like maria to have such an encounter at an early age of life.
The major cause of Maria's life being ruined is poverty and in any case when I asked her whether she was ready to become a parent she never answered but on the contrary she said "I did because it is so difficult to take care of my daily needs like food, clothing and working is very difficult for me"
According to Mari's experience it is very evident that poverty in Kibera has brought about child labour as well as illiteracy and lives of girls being ruined.

You can make the world a better global village if you support one girl like Maria so that she can go on with her studies.
You can do that by sending your donations to the bank account Number in the side bar above.

School For the Girls is working with the girls to support their education so that Girls who are in need can be accessed to education.
You can even send books, pen and other literature things.

School For The girls

NB; The name 'Maria' above has been altered for privacy reasons

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rose a school girl from Kibera

Hallo Friends,
My name is Rose Jendeka born in 1987.
I was born from a family of seven kids in Kibera slums and I school at Mashimoni Squatters in the same area.
I live with a single mother who has been struggling to take care(pay the rent, daily food, and other daily needs) of us since my dad ran away when we were still small kids.
So unfortunately One of my brother was born lame, so it became so complicated for my mom to take care of us and at the same time handle my brother's hospital bill and yet she is still job less.
I would like to request for your assistance in paying my school fee.I have hopes that living in Kibera slums can not hinder my dreams of becoming successful at one time. as well as making my mama happy who has been desperate for such a long time despite all the challenges that I have encountered in life.
here in kibera slums there is a lot of peer pressure leading to dropping out of school, abusing drugs, and living in Early parental hood (adolescent Parent).
I know my illiteracy will assist me to avoid these things and also assist other girls who are at my age.
I just thank you for listening to my plea.

Thanks in advance

Rose Jendeka

NB: I thank Emily1 who has assisted in paying part of my examinination fee. check her blog on the side bar 'waiting for dorothy'

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Intresting Game

Hallo Friends here is the picture of my favorite game.
I hope it it interesting and some how encouraging.
Although it is difficult to play while standing You can play it sited!!!!!!!!!!

Causes of Disability in the world

Sometimes it is usually difficult to identify or to predict some disabilities; like here in Africa the major causes of disability is poverty, war, toxic chemicals (kitchen without chimney), and also malnutrition.
Most food that we do eat usually contain unsuitable substances for the body or sometime we do over cook our food.
For example the major cause of spina bifida is lack of follic acid in the body immediately after conception but it is so pathetic to note most food we consume usually contain the follic acid(spinach,asparagus,liver)
to get more information about some disabilities go to www.ifglobal.org
Or www.spinabifida.org
It is always good to know more information about our bodies since its always safe.e should note prevention is better than cure.

above it the picture of Rebecca holding a baby with spinabifia and hydrocephalus

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post election crisis

Most things have happened in Kenya due to the post election crisis.
Majority of the people who voted they did it fairly and peacefully but their is only one problem which happened like the delay of announcing the results from the polling stations which were closer to Nairobi.
The Elecoral Commission of Kenya never listened to the complains from the opposition side but in stead it favored the other side and therefore announced wrong figures for the result.

Most people from all over the country never allowed the results and therefore communities started to enemies.
Small girls really suffered psychologically on the result of the things which they saw, like people being shot, tear gas all over. There was no where one could get food especially in Kibera slums most houses were burnt down and therefor the kids ended up homeless.
Unexpected things happened and it became so difficult for the girls to go back to school as they used to do.
A long time grudge of tribalism that was never there before just erupted at once and more people were killed also including the disabled women and small kids.
It has been a bad experience for Kenyan Girls who needed to go back to school but their dreams have ended all at once. since their parents place of work was either destroyed or burnt and thats the only place they expected to get support from.

You still can make Kenya a better place for them if you support the girls to pursue their studies by sending your support to the bank account number on the side bar above.

On top is Albright a small girl from Kibera slums,


Friday, February 8, 2008

A jouney of four years

The Salvation army joy town secondary school is a school for the students who are physically challenged (disabled) based in Thika Kenya.
The school contains almost 150 students who have different type of disabilities.
From my early child hood I studied in an ordinary school but immediately after clearing my primary school i started to have a very different view about my life and also about other student who are like me and all the challenges that they encounter in their life and therefore i decided to join Joy town secondary school.

As you approach the school you will meet many kids with different defects like polio,spina bifida,cerebral palsy and many other birth defects like being born without hands or legs.
The school is maintained in a Kenyan syllabus where Mathematics, pure science and arts are taught.
Music is one of the thing which makes the school famous, students usually participate in music festival whereby their perfomance is always great and most of the students are known of their beautiful voices like of angels.
Art and design is also another subject which is taught and so suprisingly those students who don't have leg can draw and paint using their legs and the out come is always very beautiful.

During my high school life I got courage and learnt so many things like a bit of playing Piano, swimming, Tennis, Poetry and above all the things I learnt the need of the other girls who are disabled just like me.

My high school journey of four years taught me so many things socially and thats why I came to know more about the girls need in General and the need of educating a disabled child.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics and women in Kenya

Most girls who have been supported by SCHOOL FOR THE GIRLS they have shown the importance of education and they are determined to complete their studies despite some political and enviromental influence.
Example being sent away from school due to some chaos and also influence from the bad company
But as the days goes I hope some will learn the importance of education and being literate.

Due to some political crisis most people have diverse views concerning the leadership in Kenya,
Like the ruling party should go on and rule, but according to my views most people who are innocent are suffering so much, especially kids,
So prior the leadership their should be a perfect conflict resolution to have a better Kenya without chaos.
And may be if their was a chance for women to rule may be Kenyans would have been living with peace and harmony.
As you move along Kibera slums things are so supprising,
Most People are so desparate and living as refugees in their own country. Especially at the Jamuhuri park, without food, security and being sent away from the homes due to tribalism.

So it is my wonder cant we have a perfect goverment which can provide security for the Kenyan citizens.
It is so pathetic to see small children and school girls who are innocent dying.
It is my hope we shall have a peaceful nation just like before!!!!!

Beside is the picture of Rose from Kibera slums who has shown other girls in the area the importance of education.
She aspires to be a nurse after education.

School for the girls

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Appreciation to supporters

Since when Kibera has been in trouble due to some clashes no, some girls like rose were discouraged and dint know whether they would make back to school.
But it has taken a mighty hand for people like Rose and Albright to go back to school beause of the help that they got from Orietta, Liana Manuela and of course Michael who has given me much support in the appearance of the blog.
Rose has a wonderful dream of becoming a Nurse when she clears her education and on top Albright has a dream of becoming a doctor,

Despite Albright's disability she has been able to intermingle with other students who are regular(able body) and her performance is well since she managed to be among the to five in her class, she has also managed to come up with language(English) in spite of the tough surrounding community which speaks Swahili.

Kenyan Schools are divided into 3 parts in a year called terms: The first term beggins from January to April, Second term from May to August third term from June to December.

Orietta Gallegari has had a very wonderful heart for kids and therefore she has managed to support Rose for these academic term
And Manuela Accarpio has as well manage to help margaret and Albright for these academic term.
The school fee is needed at the beggining of each term

Margaret needs 16000 ksh which is 176 euros
1st term: 8000 ksh:89euros
2nd term and 3rd term: 4000 ksh for each: 45 euros

And Rose needs 25000 Kenyan shillings since it is a boarding school
1st term and 2nd term :10,000ksh each:112 euros
3rd term:5000 ksh: 56 euros

On behalf of the girls I am very grateful for those who have managed to give the girls the support to fulfill their dreams.

And if you have any support you can send it to the bank account for the the girls (left on the side bar), write an email or send a comment.
Thanks in advance


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pleasure of having friends

Some times it is good to think about the past.
When I was a small kid it was so rare for me to think about friends, but why? it is more probably because most of my time I spent it in hospital and I had less time for socialization and even time to play.

I just imagined through friendship Michel m http;//misswelby.blogspot.com assisted me in making my blog look good which is so wonderful and so great, and it also shows the importance of friendship

But since I joined high school I have all the happiness since i have manage to play in the national team for basketball and of course TENNIS which is my favourite game and lastly I got a nice friend who managed to pay my fees.
As time goes it is not good to regret as why you did not have friends but rather you "should choose your friends but wisely" this is a word that I have been having it from my mom and no matter how small or how big they are "because a friend in need is a friend indeed" A friend should not love you because you have sweets or because you have some thing good the friendship should be deep from the heart.

That will create friendship forever ( this thoughts came to me as I saw My Kid sister playing'Albright' with other kids)
That shows the pleasure of having friends.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Why have differences in Kenya?

Kenya is a beautiful country which comprises of more than 42 communities living together.
since independence Kenyans have been living together as brothers and sisters, despite of Origin whether a Bantu, Nilot, Cushite or a Semite speaking.
Sudents have been having their studies together, playing together and also doing other social activities together.

That means Kenyans have been staying with brother and sister hood.
Since the conflict that happened in Kenya I decided to ask most of the girls what they were thinking about or what was the source of the conflict.

In turn most girls said in Kenya most young people don't really have tribalism due to many factors like: sharing same school, sports, worshiping in the same places and to some extend even the intermarriage,
But most of the young girls do claim that the parents are the core source of tribalism, for example parents from particular community may tell their daughters or sons not to marry from a particular community.
Or even to some extent a parent or elders from one community may tell their children how impossible it is for some one from a particular community can be a leader or a president..

These are some of the factors that leads to conflict here in Kenya, No cares about his brother or sister, some people do think they are more important than others.

For example in Kenya some community comprise of a million people whereas some like Elmolo do have almost 100 people.

So it is my question since the Elmolo's or the Gabra's are minor, don't they have any right of leadership?????

It is my prayer all Kenyans will shed off their differences and live as one people as they did before.

For any instance in Kibera people have been living as one, and even people from other countries like Somali, Sudan and even Ethiopia.

If people in Kenya live as one everything will be alright!!!!
Differences should not be their for the sake of the small and innocent kids, women who need to take care of the kids, young boys and girls who need to fulfil their dreams.
And also for the sake of all the GIRLS who need to be happy.

For the sake of all Kenyan citizen who deserve to be happy their should be peace for everyone!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Violence in Kibera

Despite all the happiness that was there in Kibera during the Christmas festival everyone is sad now because they don't know what tomorrow brings.

Most of the slum houses have been burnt, most shops looted, some violent people are taking the advantage by stealing, although most of them claim that they have been stealing because they cant go om without food.

Most kids are going on without food and desperately displaced because their houses have been burnt.

To make the matters worse some people have been killed,
Most girls are worried due to lack of insecurity reason being; some people who are evil are taking advantage by raping the girls and even sodomizing men and small boys.

Most people have remained with pain since it is so cumbersome to get public means of transport to the hospitals.

Despite all the sad moments in Kibera mediators have already appeared from international bodies and I hope everything will be alright.

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