Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Appreciation to supporters

Since when Kibera has been in trouble due to some clashes no, some girls like rose were discouraged and dint know whether they would make back to school.
But it has taken a mighty hand for people like Rose and Albright to go back to school beause of the help that they got from Orietta, Liana Manuela and of course Michael who has given me much support in the appearance of the blog.
Rose has a wonderful dream of becoming a Nurse when she clears her education and on top Albright has a dream of becoming a doctor,

Despite Albright's disability she has been able to intermingle with other students who are regular(able body) and her performance is well since she managed to be among the to five in her class, she has also managed to come up with language(English) in spite of the tough surrounding community which speaks Swahili.

Kenyan Schools are divided into 3 parts in a year called terms: The first term beggins from January to April, Second term from May to August third term from June to December.

Orietta Gallegari has had a very wonderful heart for kids and therefore she has managed to support Rose for these academic term
And Manuela Accarpio has as well manage to help margaret and Albright for these academic term.
The school fee is needed at the beggining of each term

Margaret needs 16000 ksh which is 176 euros
1st term: 8000 ksh:89euros
2nd term and 3rd term: 4000 ksh for each: 45 euros

And Rose needs 25000 Kenyan shillings since it is a boarding school
1st term and 2nd term :10,000ksh each:112 euros
3rd term:5000 ksh: 56 euros

On behalf of the girls I am very grateful for those who have managed to give the girls the support to fulfill their dreams.

And if you have any support you can send it to the bank account for the the girls (left on the side bar), write an email or send a comment.
Thanks in advance



orietta said...

Ciao Rebecca!
I am very happy, its a pleasure to support Rose, but I didn't understand how much I still have to sent to complete one year fees and when I am supposed to sent the money for the next term.

baci per tutte

school for the girls said...

Ciao Orietta,
Thanks for you comment.
Rose needs about 25000 kenyan shillings (278 euros per year)to complete the year.
May be I will need to clarify.


emily1 said...

How does one send money to the bank account listed on the left? I'd like to help, but i don't know how. Can I send money through Western Union?