Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pleasure of having friends

Some times it is good to think about the past.
When I was a small kid it was so rare for me to think about friends, but why? it is more probably because most of my time I spent it in hospital and I had less time for socialization and even time to play.

I just imagined through friendship Michel m http;// assisted me in making my blog look good which is so wonderful and so great, and it also shows the importance of friendship

But since I joined high school I have all the happiness since i have manage to play in the national team for basketball and of course TENNIS which is my favourite game and lastly I got a nice friend who managed to pay my fees.
As time goes it is not good to regret as why you did not have friends but rather you "should choose your friends but wisely" this is a word that I have been having it from my mom and no matter how small or how big they are "because a friend in need is a friend indeed" A friend should not love you because you have sweets or because you have some thing good the friendship should be deep from the heart.

That will create friendship forever ( this thoughts came to me as I saw My Kid sister playing'Albright' with other kids)
That shows the pleasure of having friends.


Miss Welby said...
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Miss Welby said...

thank you reb for your frequent visits.

I'm very busy now at work until the end of the month, but in ten days time I want to help you with many more links for this blog to take off and fly high.

in the meantime I'd appreciate if you can send me or post here a photo of you playing tennis... I've just got a funny idea... it will be a surprise :) ciao!

school for the girls said...

Thanks Miss Welby
for you comment and Idea I will post it as soon as i get it.
Much regard

school for the girls said...

Ciao Miss Welby,
It is some how difficult to send a picture playing tennis but i got one hope it is ok,

Thanks for your new post I just went throgh the chat about 'Jesus' its FUNNY!!!