Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics and women in Kenya

Most girls who have been supported by SCHOOL FOR THE GIRLS they have shown the importance of education and they are determined to complete their studies despite some political and enviromental influence.
Example being sent away from school due to some chaos and also influence from the bad company
But as the days goes I hope some will learn the importance of education and being literate.

Due to some political crisis most people have diverse views concerning the leadership in Kenya,
Like the ruling party should go on and rule, but according to my views most people who are innocent are suffering so much, especially kids,
So prior the leadership their should be a perfect conflict resolution to have a better Kenya without chaos.
And may be if their was a chance for women to rule may be Kenyans would have been living with peace and harmony.
As you move along Kibera slums things are so supprising,
Most People are so desparate and living as refugees in their own country. Especially at the Jamuhuri park, without food, security and being sent away from the homes due to tribalism.

So it is my wonder cant we have a perfect goverment which can provide security for the Kenyan citizens.
It is so pathetic to see small children and school girls who are innocent dying.
It is my hope we shall have a peaceful nation just like before!!!!!

Beside is the picture of Rose from Kibera slums who has shown other girls in the area the importance of education.
She aspires to be a nurse after education.

School for the girls


manuela said...

ciao Rebecca,
do you know that the kenyan ambassador in italy is a woman? I think there is a chance for women to rule in your country!
But I have never heard about an italian ambassador woman....:((

orietta said...


school for the girls said...

Ciao Orietta and Manuela,
I am happy to hear about the Kenyan ambassador to Italy.
I hope that if Kenya As a whole can give a chance to all women Kenya or Africa can be a best place for all people.


Miss Welby said...

hi Reb, you have a new friend in Italy: it's the RIFORMISTA ALCHEMICO.

His real name is Damiano and he's from Parma in Northern Italy.

I took the liberty to enter with your password and add him to your blogroll.

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But that will change as soon as I'll find some time to "push" you further.

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3. and finally, I'm still waiting for your pics playing tennis or at least with a racket in hand!

jokes apart, I hope everything's OK for you down there. the news is awful, it seems there's no end to this horrible crisis. STAY HOME SAFELY, our beloved Reb. ciao

school for the girls said...

Ciao miss,
Thanks for your suggestions,about Leah I also thought about it because I was a little bit discouraged.

I am also so sorry for not bringing the pictures but I'll bring them in the course of the week.

and finaly I apologize for making you an english teacher but instead I should make you an Italian one think its because of the little stress.

Damiano said...

Hi dear Reb...

Miss Welby said...

good girl :)
want an Italian teacher? don't be stressed, start from lesson #1:

La SCUOLA PER LE RAGAZZE esiste per assistere le ragazze cosicché possano avere un futuro migliore, più luminoso, e tra gli scopi principali c'è quello di incoraggiarle. Puoi fare del Kenya un posto migliore per ragazze felici sostenendo una di loro.

PS: Damiano the Riformista Alchemico wants to write to you but he's ashamed of his poor English. I'll tell him to write you in Italian so be prepared! ciao!

Damiano said...

ehehe, eccomi qua. Are you prepared????

Damiano The (Al)chemical Riformist

manuela said...

I was going through some kenyan blogs and I have found most of them are members of the Kenyan Blogs Webring:

what do you think about that?
could it help the traffic on this blog?
Michael what do you think?

ciao Riformista Alchemico!

Miss Welby said...

Manuela, webrings are a weak way to increase traffic and authority for your blog.

I do not subscribe to webrings as there is an annoying issue: you get a lot of spam in your mailbox.

For my blog I prefer to develop individual links with blogs I trust, which takes much longer of course.

But all that said, in this case I would say YES and encourage Reb to subscribe to the Kenyan webring.

The reason is that it's a LOCAL community of bloggers, and it may turn out useful in these hard times because of the political situation we know about.

At the end of the day, my advise is YES, Reb, join the webring Manuela suggested to you. The price you pay is some spam in your mailbox, but on the other hand you'll make many more friends in your own country.

school for the girls said...

Ciao Riformista,
Yes i AM READY!!!!!! miss thanks for the 1st lesson,
Let me join the webring immediately