Friday, January 11, 2008

Why have differences in Kenya?

Kenya is a beautiful country which comprises of more than 42 communities living together.
since independence Kenyans have been living together as brothers and sisters, despite of Origin whether a Bantu, Nilot, Cushite or a Semite speaking.
Sudents have been having their studies together, playing together and also doing other social activities together.

That means Kenyans have been staying with brother and sister hood.
Since the conflict that happened in Kenya I decided to ask most of the girls what they were thinking about or what was the source of the conflict.

In turn most girls said in Kenya most young people don't really have tribalism due to many factors like: sharing same school, sports, worshiping in the same places and to some extend even the intermarriage,
But most of the young girls do claim that the parents are the core source of tribalism, for example parents from particular community may tell their daughters or sons not to marry from a particular community.
Or even to some extent a parent or elders from one community may tell their children how impossible it is for some one from a particular community can be a leader or a president..

These are some of the factors that leads to conflict here in Kenya, No cares about his brother or sister, some people do think they are more important than others.

For example in Kenya some community comprise of a million people whereas some like Elmolo do have almost 100 people.

So it is my question since the Elmolo's or the Gabra's are minor, don't they have any right of leadership?????

It is my prayer all Kenyans will shed off their differences and live as one people as they did before.

For any instance in Kibera people have been living as one, and even people from other countries like Somali, Sudan and even Ethiopia.

If people in Kenya live as one everything will be alright!!!!
Differences should not be their for the sake of the small and innocent kids, women who need to take care of the kids, young boys and girls who need to fulfil their dreams.
And also for the sake of all the GIRLS who need to be happy.

For the sake of all Kenyan citizen who deserve to be happy their should be peace for everyone!!!!!


orietta said...

brava Rebecca!

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

school for the girls said...

Ciao Orietta,
Gazie per dolce comment!!!!
The words are so wonderful for my situation right now.

giuska said...

dear Rebecca,
just i would like to thank you for what you are doing for the new generation of your country in this sad moment. good luck for all.
giuska ( hope you remember me !)

school for the girls said...

Caro Giuska, mi ricordo di che voi molto bene ed io sono felici di sentirsi da voi, grazie molto per il vostro commento. Rebeccaopetsi@

NYC said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am curious, are you a Christian?