Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Intresting Game

Hallo Friends here is the picture of my favorite game.
I hope it it interesting and some how encouraging.
Although it is difficult to play while standing You can play it sited!!!!!!!!!!

Causes of Disability in the world

Sometimes it is usually difficult to identify or to predict some disabilities; like here in Africa the major causes of disability is poverty, war, toxic chemicals (kitchen without chimney), and also malnutrition.
Most food that we do eat usually contain unsuitable substances for the body or sometime we do over cook our food.
For example the major cause of spina bifida is lack of follic acid in the body immediately after conception but it is so pathetic to note most food we consume usually contain the follic acid(spinach,asparagus,liver)
to get more information about some disabilities go to www.ifglobal.org
Or www.spinabifida.org
It is always good to know more information about our bodies since its always safe.e should note prevention is better than cure.

above it the picture of Rebecca holding a baby with spinabifia and hydrocephalus

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post election crisis

Most things have happened in Kenya due to the post election crisis.
Majority of the people who voted they did it fairly and peacefully but their is only one problem which happened like the delay of announcing the results from the polling stations which were closer to Nairobi.
The Elecoral Commission of Kenya never listened to the complains from the opposition side but in stead it favored the other side and therefore announced wrong figures for the result.

Most people from all over the country never allowed the results and therefore communities started to enemies.
Small girls really suffered psychologically on the result of the things which they saw, like people being shot, tear gas all over. There was no where one could get food especially in Kibera slums most houses were burnt down and therefor the kids ended up homeless.
Unexpected things happened and it became so difficult for the girls to go back to school as they used to do.
A long time grudge of tribalism that was never there before just erupted at once and more people were killed also including the disabled women and small kids.
It has been a bad experience for Kenyan Girls who needed to go back to school but their dreams have ended all at once. since their parents place of work was either destroyed or burnt and thats the only place they expected to get support from.

You still can make Kenya a better place for them if you support the girls to pursue their studies by sending your support to the bank account number on the side bar above.

On top is Albright a small girl from Kibera slums,


Friday, February 8, 2008

A jouney of four years

The Salvation army joy town secondary school is a school for the students who are physically challenged (disabled) based in Thika Kenya.
The school contains almost 150 students who have different type of disabilities.
From my early child hood I studied in an ordinary school but immediately after clearing my primary school i started to have a very different view about my life and also about other student who are like me and all the challenges that they encounter in their life and therefore i decided to join Joy town secondary school.

As you approach the school you will meet many kids with different defects like polio,spina bifida,cerebral palsy and many other birth defects like being born without hands or legs.
The school is maintained in a Kenyan syllabus where Mathematics, pure science and arts are taught.
Music is one of the thing which makes the school famous, students usually participate in music festival whereby their perfomance is always great and most of the students are known of their beautiful voices like of angels.
Art and design is also another subject which is taught and so suprisingly those students who don't have leg can draw and paint using their legs and the out come is always very beautiful.

During my high school life I got courage and learnt so many things like a bit of playing Piano, swimming, Tennis, Poetry and above all the things I learnt the need of the other girls who are disabled just like me.

My high school journey of four years taught me so many things socially and thats why I came to know more about the girls need in General and the need of educating a disabled child.