Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Causes of Disability in the world

Sometimes it is usually difficult to identify or to predict some disabilities; like here in Africa the major causes of disability is poverty, war, toxic chemicals (kitchen without chimney), and also malnutrition.
Most food that we do eat usually contain unsuitable substances for the body or sometime we do over cook our food.
For example the major cause of spina bifida is lack of follic acid in the body immediately after conception but it is so pathetic to note most food we consume usually contain the follic acid(spinach,asparagus,liver)
to get more information about some disabilities go to www.ifglobal.org
Or www.spinabifida.org
It is always good to know more information about our bodies since its always safe.e should note prevention is better than cure.

above it the picture of Rebecca holding a baby with spinabifia and hydrocephalus

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