Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Intresting Game

Hallo Friends here is the picture of my favorite game.
I hope it it interesting and some how encouraging.
Although it is difficult to play while standing You can play it sited!!!!!!!!!!


school for the girls said...

hallo Rebs
that is so encouraging
to many of us pleas keep it moving bye!!!!!

manuela said...

great rebecca!
nice to see you playing ping pong (or tennis?)

Mogul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
school for the girls said...

Hallo Manu
Thanks alot.

Please can you the comment by Mogui here it is so difficult to open it if yes pliz let me know bye


school for the girls said...

Reb, this is Miss Welby using your account to REMOVE the comment by "mogul" - it was a VIRUS.

always be suspicious when you see a link in a comment from someone unknown: do NOT click the link.

in italiano: Rebecca, sono Miss Welby con la tua password per RIMUOVERE il commento di "mogul": era un VIRUS.

sii sempre sospettosa dei link in un commento dagli sconosciuti, NON cliccare il link.

school for the girls said...

Hi Miss,
Thanks so much I could have been in a big trouble again.
Thanks very much.

Akicage said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
francesca said...

hallo Rebecca:) good night!

Miss Welby said...

it happened again! some bloody fucking bastard posted a link to a VIRUS in a comment above.

I've removed it and now I've given myself admin rights so that I don't need to use your password to REMOVE the bullshit - I can enter with mine.

if it happens again, I will enforce some security measures on comments in order to avoid SPAM.

sorry for being angry, but I cannot tolerate a blog like this becoming the target of malicious spammers.

now sleep tight - as you use to say :) - for Rose has found great new sponsors in Emily and Damiano, and MW will monitor against spammers

mildareveno said...

Hi, Rebecca. You've chosen a nice game. In Italy we call it "ping pong" or "tennistavolo" or "tennis da tavolo".

school for the girls said...

Hallo Mildareveno,
Thanks so much.