Monday, March 24, 2008

Friends to the people with disability

I came across a poem which was written by the roman catholic sisters who have been working with the disabled children in Africa (Uganda).
It really inspired me since one should look at some ones ability but not just what he or she can not do.
I hope you will enjoy learn more and be challenged as you go through it.


Blessed are you who take time to listen to my difficult speech,
For you help me to know
if I persevere i can be understood,

Blessed are you who never bid me to hurry, or take my tasks for me,
For often I need time rather than help,

Blessed are you who stand beside me as i enter new untried ventures,
For my failures will be out weighed,
by the time I surprise my self to you,

Blessed are you who ask for my help,
For my greatest need is to be needed,

Blessed are you who understand that it is difficult
for me to put my thoughts into words,

Blessed are you, with smile,
Encourage me to try once more,

Blessed are you who never remind me,
That today I ask the same question twice,

Blessed are you who respect me and love me as I am,
Not as you wish I were

It is a nice and encouraging poem, i hope you will learn, and be challenged as you go through it.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Child labour affecting girls education in Kibera slums

is among the the worlds biggest slums.
Due to poverty surrounding the area most girls have dropped out of school and they have ended up joining some local work like being baby sitters starting from an early age of eight or nine.
Most girls from Kibera slums have ruined their life's due to illiteracy and hence Kibera as a ghetto has become a laughing stock where no one admires to come from.
Due to the illiteracy around the area peer pressure has affected most girls and on the impact they have ended up abusing drugs like bang, cocaine (affecting their health) and to make the matters worse early parent hood has been a negative out come from the girls.
In the neighbourhood it is so pathetic to note maria who is only 13 and she became pregnant and she had no one to turn to therefore she had to go for an abortion which is illegal in Kenya.
It is so hurtful for the bright girl like maria to have such an encounter at an early age of life.
The major cause of Maria's life being ruined is poverty and in any case when I asked her whether she was ready to become a parent she never answered but on the contrary she said "I did because it is so difficult to take care of my daily needs like food, clothing and working is very difficult for me"
According to Mari's experience it is very evident that poverty in Kibera has brought about child labour as well as illiteracy and lives of girls being ruined.

You can make the world a better global village if you support one girl like Maria so that she can go on with her studies.
You can do that by sending your donations to the bank account Number in the side bar above.

School For the Girls is working with the girls to support their education so that Girls who are in need can be accessed to education.
You can even send books, pen and other literature things.

School For The girls

NB; The name 'Maria' above has been altered for privacy reasons

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rose a school girl from Kibera

Hallo Friends,
My name is Rose Jendeka born in 1987.
I was born from a family of seven kids in Kibera slums and I school at Mashimoni Squatters in the same area.
I live with a single mother who has been struggling to take care(pay the rent, daily food, and other daily needs) of us since my dad ran away when we were still small kids.
So unfortunately One of my brother was born lame, so it became so complicated for my mom to take care of us and at the same time handle my brother's hospital bill and yet she is still job less.
I would like to request for your assistance in paying my school fee.I have hopes that living in Kibera slums can not hinder my dreams of becoming successful at one time. as well as making my mama happy who has been desperate for such a long time despite all the challenges that I have encountered in life.
here in kibera slums there is a lot of peer pressure leading to dropping out of school, abusing drugs, and living in Early parental hood (adolescent Parent).
I know my illiteracy will assist me to avoid these things and also assist other girls who are at my age.
I just thank you for listening to my plea.

Thanks in advance

Rose Jendeka

NB: I thank Emily1 who has assisted in paying part of my examinination fee. check her blog on the side bar 'waiting for dorothy'