Monday, March 24, 2008

Friends to the people with disability

I came across a poem which was written by the roman catholic sisters who have been working with the disabled children in Africa (Uganda).
It really inspired me since one should look at some ones ability but not just what he or she can not do.
I hope you will enjoy learn more and be challenged as you go through it.


Blessed are you who take time to listen to my difficult speech,
For you help me to know
if I persevere i can be understood,

Blessed are you who never bid me to hurry, or take my tasks for me,
For often I need time rather than help,

Blessed are you who stand beside me as i enter new untried ventures,
For my failures will be out weighed,
by the time I surprise my self to you,

Blessed are you who ask for my help,
For my greatest need is to be needed,

Blessed are you who understand that it is difficult
for me to put my thoughts into words,

Blessed are you, with smile,
Encourage me to try once more,

Blessed are you who never remind me,
That today I ask the same question twice,

Blessed are you who respect me and love me as I am,
Not as you wish I were

It is a nice and encouraging poem, i hope you will learn, and be challenged as you go through it.



manuela said...

ciao reb
I am so happy you have be admitted to the university!! let's cross the finger for the scholarship, you really deserve it!
which course are you going to attend? is it law?

school for the girls said...

Hi Manuela,
I am so happy about the admission,
I just pray I am going to win the scholarship.
Law has been my dream for such along time but still am not going to do it because its some how costly and the university does not offer full scholarship in it but I do pray my dream come true one day.

Thanks and many kisses

Helènic Glauc said...

Thank you for these blessings. I keep them on my favorites links.
Blessed the people who works for the humanity like you.
Greetings from Barcelona!

francesca said...

cia Rebecca, grazie per la tua visita e per gli auguri! Spero tu abbia passato una pasqua felice! Un grande abbraccio. Kisses

orietta said...

congratulations for the admission to the university!
how much is the law course per year?
and for how many years?


Passing Stranger said...

Dear Rebecca, I came across your site today through another link. I must admit that I have not gone through the content in detail, but the little I have read about what you are doing touched me deeply. You are indeed a young woman with a noble vision. Keep up the wonderful work...:) People like you are hard to come by, blessed are those who have come in contact with you. Take care.

school for the girls said...

Hallo Orietta
I am also happy about it.
I am going to study for four years and each year contains two semisters and the pay for each semister is seventy eight thousand three hundered and fifty Kenyan shillings.
I pray to God all is going to be well with me.

Many kisses from Kenya

school for the girls said...

Hallo Passing stranger and Helenic,
Thanks a lot I am proud of you.

Regards from Kenya

school for the girls said...

Ciao Francesca,
Grazie per visita too.

Many Kisses

Anonymous said...

Anonymous kisses