Friday, May 30, 2008

Community work at Mathare mental hospital

It is an early Thursday morning a day which was planned earlier by the missionary brothers of the New life home and other volunteers including my self.
the day begging by packing food for people with mental problem at the Mathare hospital then followed by prayers before leaving the place.
The mental problem is situated in Nairobi at mathare area, being there for the first time I am a bit scared.
we are not allowed to enter the maximum wards since the people there are so violent so it is risky.
the situation is so melancholic as we enter the women wards, some women with mental problems look so sad and desperate, others are exited and thy are singing, surprisingly most women are so beautiful and they don't seem to have any mental problem.
Before distributing the donated food we first gave them a chance to narrate their stories or brought them to the mental hospital.
Through that I learned a lot:

  • we should avoid use of drugs, like cocaine and the rest.
  • In life we should be ready for anything or any change.
  • love affairs also has contributed long to people becoming mad, due to people being unfaithful to their partners so in case of such a case we need to have courage.
  • we should try as much as we can ton avoid being stressed about things, we should do the best but not over think about some things because they can cause trouble. example mathematics, i saw some doing some calculations.
  • the fourth golden rule is we must be happy in everything that we are doing and we should be satisfied with whatever we have but we should not over think about them
  • Remember to be happy all the times and try as much as you can to avoid violent reaction which will make you regret after reacting.
  • love your self and be proud of yourself since you are a unique person.

have you ever visited any place for community work or any mental hospital?
if so share with me what you experience or what you think causes mental problem or anything else that you have ever experienced about the community and its dangers.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What you like about your country

For every good person he or she must be proud of her country
For example after the post election violence it was so embarrassing for more Kenyans to say they come from Kenya but the fact remained that we are still Kenyans and Kenya is still beautiful as it used to be!!!!!!!!

Every country has a privilege to be called she this is why I am going to write about Kenya being a beautiful country in School For The Girls

Below check on beautiful pictures of Kenya

The beautiful site of our capital city Nairobi (Uhuru Park)

I like our wildlife

Lake VictoriaLake Naivasha our beautiful lakes
And finally I like our cultures

Let me know how beautiful your country is and why you consider it as she!!!!
If you have ever visited Kenya tell me the likes and the dislikes


Friday, May 2, 2008

strength of a woman

Manyatta is a traditional maasai house: it is always built by women according to them; all the house work belong to women and men should take care of the cattle and defend the manyatta: If a maasai woman can build a house this shows how strong the women are. and how they are concerned about the well being of the society.
So all women should be respected and be appreciated for all the good things they do.
A picture of a beautiful Vietnam woman holding a baby.

This is a picture of a maasai woman holding its baby and at the same time selling the beads: this shows how creative women are.

This is a picture of a Zulu woman caring a beer pot on her head. This shows how strong women are.

This is a picture of a Zulu woman holding her baby this shows how much women care