Friday, May 30, 2008

Community work at Mathare mental hospital

It is an early Thursday morning a day which was planned earlier by the missionary brothers of the New life home and other volunteers including my self.
the day begging by packing food for people with mental problem at the Mathare hospital then followed by prayers before leaving the place.
The mental problem is situated in Nairobi at mathare area, being there for the first time I am a bit scared.
we are not allowed to enter the maximum wards since the people there are so violent so it is risky.
the situation is so melancholic as we enter the women wards, some women with mental problems look so sad and desperate, others are exited and thy are singing, surprisingly most women are so beautiful and they don't seem to have any mental problem.
Before distributing the donated food we first gave them a chance to narrate their stories or brought them to the mental hospital.
Through that I learned a lot:

  • we should avoid use of drugs, like cocaine and the rest.
  • In life we should be ready for anything or any change.
  • love affairs also has contributed long to people becoming mad, due to people being unfaithful to their partners so in case of such a case we need to have courage.
  • we should try as much as we can ton avoid being stressed about things, we should do the best but not over think about some things because they can cause trouble. example mathematics, i saw some doing some calculations.
  • the fourth golden rule is we must be happy in everything that we are doing and we should be satisfied with whatever we have but we should not over think about them
  • Remember to be happy all the times and try as much as you can to avoid violent reaction which will make you regret after reacting.
  • love your self and be proud of yourself since you are a unique person.

have you ever visited any place for community work or any mental hospital?
if so share with me what you experience or what you think causes mental problem or anything else that you have ever experienced about the community and its dangers.



Mshairi said...

Hi Rebecca,

I think the work you are doing is admirable and may you have the strength to do much more.

I have lived with people with mental health issue - very challenging and requires loads of patience and courage. You are doing very well.

Clelia said...

I was impressed by the last sentece: Love youself and be proud of you since you are a unique person. Mad persons, not incliding Killer of course, are not sick but unique. I red a book "Veronique decided to die" by Paulo Cohelo, and I raccomend you to reed it.
My Thesis, at the University was about anoressic and bulimic girls, I went to a local ospital and I met this kind of girls. They weighed something like 30 Kg and were ossessionate by losing weight. Their mind was irretrievably sick. I was so scared they were not unique but girls who wanted to commit suicide slowly
Italian » English Translate Suggest a better translation
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Can I ask to replay to me in your blog and not in mine? It will be a good excuse for me to visit School of girls.

Have a nice day Rebecca


school for the girls said...

Hallo Clelia
I am so happy you liked the last sentence about loving yourself.
That is what every human being needs to have because it costs nothing but it means alot.

Thanks a lot for your visit I will look for the book and read it.

school for the girls said...

Hallo Mshairi,
thanks a lot for appreciating my work.
Working with people who have mental problem is cumbersome but as you have said we need to have courage and patient as well as we should be able to help in one way or another.
I have really appreciated your visit.

Tanks so much

francesca said...

hallo Rebecca,many thanks for for your visit kisses

Clelia said...

Hello Rebecca . I would like to thank you because you visit my blog.
I am going to attend a Master in International Journalism, in London, and I invited everyone to cheer with me.

"See you " when you update your interesting Blog


Anonymous said...

I have never been to mathare but i heard stories as kid...
My retired mother-in-law volunteers locally through National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. She has gone through her own family trials of mental illness, and even as i write her sister is bipolar.
Anyway another thing about mental illness is chemical imbalances in the brain as is the case with bipolar. So to add to your list of things....I would add education...quipping people with knowlege of mental illness.
Growing up in Kenya, I know that mental illness was and probably still isn't sufficiently looked at...the more people know about mental health, the more they are more easily diagnosed, treated and even rehabilitated.
I love you blog - and i wish you success...


school for the girls said...

Hallo Seinlife,
Thanks a lot for your visit and for another information i did not know about.
Thanks so much


Seal in Astral said...

may GOD bless you and give you more strength and health to help more people who needs you.

Clelia said...

Hi Rebecca,

If you want you can visit and understand my blog. At the end of every post there is an English Translation. I am waiting for you and your comment.

Have a nice day


ThePoliticalCat said...

Hi, Rebecca,

As always, you blow me away with your interesting posts. Keep blogging!

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Anonymous said...


Hi there Rebecca, the work you are doing with the girls is wonderful but i wish you would also consider the boys to. They need something productive to do to keep them busy from thinking about the drugs. I have a nephew and i wish he had something to do in life for him to stop using the drugs. He's always in and out of mathare and it only help for a while after he's being released. please think about the boys or the men who are willing to change there life to.

April 22nd 2011 10:05 AM