Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls and the kikoy project for school fee

Hallo Friends!!

I am so glad for those who have shown their interest in supporting the girls by either buying the kikoy fabric or paying the school fee for the girls.

By doing so you can support girls from Kibera area which is among the biggest slum in The world.

You can buy one fabric using 20 euros or pay school fee for one girl and get one beaded African bracelet (Bangle) and one kikoy.

Your support will be highly appreciated!!!!!

Above is a picutre of Katrin wearing a Kikoy and a lady wearing a beaded bangle
Please note: our prices have changed because of shipping cost


Clelia said...

That's a good idea! you can help a lot of people! I am proud of you!


school for the girls said...

Halloo Clelia,
It is very true....... some girlshave got some amount for their fee throught the project. Still the fabrics look smaart plus the onarment.
Greetings from here