Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls selling the Kikoy fabric for fee

Hallo all friends!!!
Welcome to school for the girls,
All the girls who are members of the SCHOOL FOR THE GIRLS (students from Kibera) have started some small project of selling the Kikoy fabric for their school fee.
Kikoy is a beautiful fabric used by both men and women, some are used as towel, others as shawl, bed covers, some are used for making beautiful bags.
All the members of the school for the girls have started on this project so that they can avoid being idle and at the same time get some gains for their school fees so that they can make a better tomorrow for Kibera, education is the only thing which can eradicate poverty in Kibera!!!!!!

If you buy one Kikoy fabric you will support one of the girls and you will make a nice global friendship since you will make the world a better place for girls.

  • If you support one of the girls you will get one kikoy free and one beautiful bangle made of beads.
  • Or you can buy one kikoy for 20 US dollars and support the girls
Thanks so much
School For the Girls


seinlife said...

Rebecca - how do we purchase and make a contribution?

orietta said...

è una bellissima idea!
ciao Reb, un saluto a tutte

school for the girls said...

Hallo Seinlife,
someone can make contribution by paying school fee for one girl which is 30.000(or anything above 6000 KSH) kenyan shillings and get one kikoy and a beaded chain or bangle free or you can buy a kikoy and the gain will support the girls.

Thanks for taking interest

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

Thank you for the commentary in the blog, we are to your disposition for what it suits for you, you have a nice country, to if algun day me gustaria to visit
A strong embrace from Reus Catalonia

Paul said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks for commenting on my blog. It looks like you are doing some great work in Kenya! I will add your blog to my favs to keep an eye on what you are doing. Let's stay in touch. God bless and keep up the good work!

seinlife said...

Am sorry am not making myself very clear...but if i wanted to contribute the KSH6000 - How do I get the money to you? Do you have an account number? western union? paypal?
Likewise, how does the kikoi etc get to the contributor?
And for those that are local, is there a place they can go to - to make the contribution? e.g your center or a specific bank
Thank you again for the wonderful job you are doing!


Arte Autismo e said...

Rebbeca, beautifull culture. beautifull fabrics.

school for the girls said...

Hallo Orietta, Tela Maria and Ray.
Thanks so much for the visit and for your comments.

Receive a big kiss from Kenya
School For The girls

school for the girls said...

Hallo Seinlife once more again.
Thanks for taking a big interest.
We have a bank account number on the side bar of the blog, or you can even use the western union.

If you want to get the Kikoy and you are at the local area it is much easier since you can visit our center at Kibera(on a satarday),makina, prior the visit you can let us know so that we can get prepared.
If you are not in a local area you can give us your adress and we can post to you through DHL.

Thanks for taking interest.

Anonymous said...

great idea

niggazidja said...


school for the girls said...

Hi niggazidja,
Thanks for your concern and your visit to our blog,
Mainly we sell the kikoy fabrics, and other craft work like Bangles and earings.

Hope to hear from you sooner

niggazidja said...

Thanks to have answered me so quickly!!!! As i'm stayin abroad i can visit ur center and have an idea about the lhe handcraft and the kikoys, that's why would be pleased if u could tell me if u have purple (not light) or black available... It would be nice to see some pictures if you don't mind. Do u sell khanga? If so would what's the price for how many pieces?

school for the girls said...

Hi niggazidja,
Thank you so much for you interest once more again. yes we have the black KIkoy and we also sell the Khanga. you are welcomed to visit us any day and time although we meet in a house since we dont have a centre but we try to pay the fees through the selling of Khangas, kikoy and bangles. I will make sure i'll make sure I add pictures in the next post.

Thank you so much