Monday, October 13, 2008

Some inspiration

Through the International Federation for persons with Spinabifida and Hydrocephalus we have been able to learn about spina bifida and hydrocephalus and how we can prevent our new born babies from getting the deformities.
In the world people think once someone is disabled or has a disability he/she is disabled in both ways but I am so pleased with one girl (nine year old who has done alot through dancing). This is so inspiring and at least she can prove people who have some prejudice to be wrong.
She has Spina Bifida and she is good in dancing

Congratulation Rita!!!!!!!

School for the Girls


Miss Welby said...

congrats Rita from my family and a big hug to Reb, keep up the good job! :)

Clelia said...

I know Spinabifida and I want to say to Rita Well done ;)

I admired her!

a kiss from


school for the girls said...

Hi wow wow miss,
Thanks so much I just like that!!!!

Thanks so much.
I just like Rita She is a source of inspiration to many especially those who are disabled and they feel they are less.
Thanks for visiting our blog.

francesca said...

hallo rebecca, many kisses!

Faith G said...

Thanks for all you do to try to encourage others, Rebecca. I always wanted to adopt kids with disabilities and teach them that they have a very important role to play- to show the dignity of human life to people who don't understand.