Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is a festive season... but (WHY FGM)?

I t is a nice festive season all over the world and people are so happy.
everything is going on well except some people want to misinterpret the real meaning of the word celebrating.
It is an issue about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
When I started blogging I talked about this issue but still is it is so burning since people are not turning.
It is so pathetic to see women going through the Hardship of FGM. it is so painful and it has a very bad impact. yet some people whoa er even learned they don't want to accept that.
FGM is making women go through a big hardship.

So we can turn this season to a real season..... where we don't interpret in a wrong a way the meaning of cerebrating.. where we can keep and maintain woman's integrity.... where women will be free and happy once more again.
because FGM has a bad impact on a woman psychologically and even physically where by a woman may get some infections of viruses like AIDS, and it may be more difficult for them to give birth in the future and to make the matter worse more women here in Africa are dying due to FGM which does not make any sense.

I pray and people will support me on this issue.

ps: a woman in Africa going through FGM


Clelia said...

FGM is simply an horrible tradition! I want to shout my anger agaist it but it could be completely unuseful!

Clelia a Londra

Miss Welby said...

hi Reb, happy festive season and best wishes for 2009 :)

school for the girls said...

Hi Clelia, how are you?
it is very true because it must stop.

Miss blessed 2009

francesca said...

Ti auguro uno strepitoso 2009 ricco di tutto ciò che desideri!!!!!
Un milione di auguri!

David John Caswell said...

Dear Rebecca,
I totally agree with you. FGM is a terrible tradition, especially if it is done on young girls against their will.
Good luck in your campaign, my heart is with you.
Love David.

school for the girls said...

Dear Francesca and David
indeed this is a bad culture and it needs to be stopped.

Do have a blessed 2009