Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics and women in Kenya

Most girls who have been supported by SCHOOL FOR THE GIRLS they have shown the importance of education and they are determined to complete their studies despite some political and enviromental influence.
Example being sent away from school due to some chaos and also influence from the bad company
But as the days goes I hope some will learn the importance of education and being literate.

Due to some political crisis most people have diverse views concerning the leadership in Kenya,
Like the ruling party should go on and rule, but according to my views most people who are innocent are suffering so much, especially kids,
So prior the leadership their should be a perfect conflict resolution to have a better Kenya without chaos.
And may be if their was a chance for women to rule may be Kenyans would have been living with peace and harmony.
As you move along Kibera slums things are so supprising,
Most People are so desparate and living as refugees in their own country. Especially at the Jamuhuri park, without food, security and being sent away from the homes due to tribalism.

So it is my wonder cant we have a perfect goverment which can provide security for the Kenyan citizens.
It is so pathetic to see small children and school girls who are innocent dying.
It is my hope we shall have a peaceful nation just like before!!!!!

Beside is the picture of Rose from Kibera slums who has shown other girls in the area the importance of education.
She aspires to be a nurse after education.

School for the girls

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Appreciation to supporters

Since when Kibera has been in trouble due to some clashes no, some girls like rose were discouraged and dint know whether they would make back to school.
But it has taken a mighty hand for people like Rose and Albright to go back to school beause of the help that they got from Orietta, Liana Manuela and of course Michael who has given me much support in the appearance of the blog.
Rose has a wonderful dream of becoming a Nurse when she clears her education and on top Albright has a dream of becoming a doctor,

Despite Albright's disability she has been able to intermingle with other students who are regular(able body) and her performance is well since she managed to be among the to five in her class, she has also managed to come up with language(English) in spite of the tough surrounding community which speaks Swahili.

Kenyan Schools are divided into 3 parts in a year called terms: The first term beggins from January to April, Second term from May to August third term from June to December.

Orietta Gallegari has had a very wonderful heart for kids and therefore she has managed to support Rose for these academic term
And Manuela Accarpio has as well manage to help margaret and Albright for these academic term.
The school fee is needed at the beggining of each term

Margaret needs 16000 ksh which is 176 euros
1st term: 8000 ksh:89euros
2nd term and 3rd term: 4000 ksh for each: 45 euros

And Rose needs 25000 Kenyan shillings since it is a boarding school
1st term and 2nd term :10,000ksh each:112 euros
3rd term:5000 ksh: 56 euros

On behalf of the girls I am very grateful for those who have managed to give the girls the support to fulfill their dreams.

And if you have any support you can send it to the bank account for the the girls (left on the side bar), write an email or send a comment.
Thanks in advance


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pleasure of having friends

Some times it is good to think about the past.
When I was a small kid it was so rare for me to think about friends, but why? it is more probably because most of my time I spent it in hospital and I had less time for socialization and even time to play.

I just imagined through friendship Michel m http;// assisted me in making my blog look good which is so wonderful and so great, and it also shows the importance of friendship

But since I joined high school I have all the happiness since i have manage to play in the national team for basketball and of course TENNIS which is my favourite game and lastly I got a nice friend who managed to pay my fees.
As time goes it is not good to regret as why you did not have friends but rather you "should choose your friends but wisely" this is a word that I have been having it from my mom and no matter how small or how big they are "because a friend in need is a friend indeed" A friend should not love you because you have sweets or because you have some thing good the friendship should be deep from the heart.

That will create friendship forever ( this thoughts came to me as I saw My Kid sister playing'Albright' with other kids)
That shows the pleasure of having friends.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Why have differences in Kenya?

Kenya is a beautiful country which comprises of more than 42 communities living together.
since independence Kenyans have been living together as brothers and sisters, despite of Origin whether a Bantu, Nilot, Cushite or a Semite speaking.
Sudents have been having their studies together, playing together and also doing other social activities together.

That means Kenyans have been staying with brother and sister hood.
Since the conflict that happened in Kenya I decided to ask most of the girls what they were thinking about or what was the source of the conflict.

In turn most girls said in Kenya most young people don't really have tribalism due to many factors like: sharing same school, sports, worshiping in the same places and to some extend even the intermarriage,
But most of the young girls do claim that the parents are the core source of tribalism, for example parents from particular community may tell their daughters or sons not to marry from a particular community.
Or even to some extent a parent or elders from one community may tell their children how impossible it is for some one from a particular community can be a leader or a president..

These are some of the factors that leads to conflict here in Kenya, No cares about his brother or sister, some people do think they are more important than others.

For example in Kenya some community comprise of a million people whereas some like Elmolo do have almost 100 people.

So it is my question since the Elmolo's or the Gabra's are minor, don't they have any right of leadership?????

It is my prayer all Kenyans will shed off their differences and live as one people as they did before.

For any instance in Kibera people have been living as one, and even people from other countries like Somali, Sudan and even Ethiopia.

If people in Kenya live as one everything will be alright!!!!
Differences should not be their for the sake of the small and innocent kids, women who need to take care of the kids, young boys and girls who need to fulfil their dreams.
And also for the sake of all the GIRLS who need to be happy.

For the sake of all Kenyan citizen who deserve to be happy their should be peace for everyone!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Violence in Kibera

Despite all the happiness that was there in Kibera during the Christmas festival everyone is sad now because they don't know what tomorrow brings.

Most of the slum houses have been burnt, most shops looted, some violent people are taking the advantage by stealing, although most of them claim that they have been stealing because they cant go om without food.

Most kids are going on without food and desperately displaced because their houses have been burnt.

To make the matters worse some people have been killed,
Most girls are worried due to lack of insecurity reason being; some people who are evil are taking advantage by raping the girls and even sodomizing men and small boys.

Most people have remained with pain since it is so cumbersome to get public means of transport to the hospitals.

Despite all the sad moments in Kibera mediators have already appeared from international bodies and I hope everything will be alright.

Get the pictures at the bottom of the blog.