Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympics

I am so happy
through the olympics we have been able to learn alot from other countries as well as ours
I was so excited about Kenyas Performance being No one in Africa

How did your country perform?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Albinos living in fear _Tanzania

For the recent times it has been so sad and it is still sad for what is happening for the albino community in Tanzania and also some parts Of Africa, People who are albino have been known as a curse and hence the majority have been feeling like they are inferior compared to the other people of the society.
In some communities they are not allowed to marry while in others they are neglected and buried at night as a sign of a bad omen in the community for example in interior Kenya.
To make the matter worse.......

Member of the albino community have been killed due to the horrible superstition that once you have one part of the albino body you can become rich automatically:which is an advice from the witch doctors, so these has lead to killing of over 75 albinos living in Tanzania,

Most people who are involved in the witch craft have been advised to go as far as cooking and eating the part of the body of the albinos.
The people of the albino community have been forced to live in fear and they don't really know where to seek refuge.
The Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete has been forced to send the police so that the albinos can have security. Also all the albinos are being registered in Tanzania and being put into a home where they can stay together, even the burial sites of the Albinos is being cemented so that people cannot remove them from the grave.
I feel it being so unfair because they are just human beings like us and the only difference is the colour They don't even need to be registered since they are like other citizens and they have all the human rights.
How do you feel about it?