Monday, March 2, 2009

Social work at Bethany kids

I have been lost for some time but now am back.
Many a times I ahave kept on talking about giving someone a smile. At the moment I am doing my social work internship at Bethany kids at Kiabe Hospital, I am so glad for what is hapening here though it is far from Nairobi where I stay and I cannot add pictures on my blog.
It is a wonderful experience... working for many people from different backgrounds.
Bethany kids it is a small paediatric hospital dealing with neural cases like spina bifida, hydrocephalus,e.t.c
In the process of my intern I have been able to be challenged in many way... and I can say we need to thank our creator for where we are at any moment so long a we are ok.
My self I have Spina Bifida and I felt working here up to June will make me learn alot as well as encourage the parents who have kids with Spina Bifida and hyrocephalus.
Because taking care of such kids is such a long journey.

I hope you will also learn a lot going through this website


Clelia said...

This is seems a really good exeprience. Carry on this is something that you will be proud of!

My life is also challenging but in another way! I am doing my master and it's hard! Me and my classmate set up a new web site.

it's about london and free event!

I am waiting for you feedback!

Clelia/ Valeria... this is my real name

school for the girls said...

Thanks a lot for your comment.
See you at your site.