Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How was your Easter?

Hello Friends,

Hope you are doing well. Last week it was a long Easter for christians or followers of Christ,

It was a wonderful moment since we remember the death a Jesus. As School For The Girls (The seven Girls we went to church) And we know it is a nice move.

I think it was a season to understand each and every one of us well and to pardon each other where we went wrong,

Generally how was your easter and how do you feel about it?


Cori said...

I like what you say about forgiving each other. Our pastor spoke about how the cross is the message of reconciliation. How desperately we need that message in our communities in Africa and throughout the world!

school for the girls said...

Hi Cori,
Thanks so much for yourcomment for sure it is good to forgive each other.

Thanks so much