Sunday, May 10, 2009

Power Of silence

Hello Friends,
I don't really know if you have an idea about goodness and power in silence.
Especially when you are stressed.

In our world today especially in some cities we do have noisy environment which in turn gives us hard time and hence increases stress.
But you can deal with it!!!

When you feel stressed up you can search for a calm place like swimming area, park area where there is no noise and all you can hear is birds singing in the air. try as much as you can to relax and be happy.
If you can not find any of this scenario just give enough time to your self by locking your self in the bed room and listen to a very calm music(my self I sing lullaby ).

Try it out and you will realize the power of silence!!!!
Because you will reduce the chances of having stomach ulcers and you may maintain good relationship with your colleagues..... most of times we loose our friends, life partners as a result of stress.

Just try it out!!!


mildareveno said...

Hi, Rebecca, yours are very good advises.

Some days ago I went to see an old silent movie. It was very strange that silence in the cinema, but I enjoyed the experience.

Damiano said...

Hi, Reby, how do you do?
I'm really lucky for living in a house site in the top of a hill and being sorrounded by fields ... silence is often the king. In summer, we have dinner outdoor on the grass having all around trees and even same animals (expecially birds)...

francesca said...

hallo my little and dear friend! :)

school for the girls said...

Hi Milda,
True I like that. it make me feel cool.

Damiano that is so coll,
I guess you always have a peace of mind that is so beautiful and exciting.

Francesca Hello,
I an doing great.

Middle Ditch said...

Silence is golden they say and they are right. There is nothing as nice as sitting in silence and listen to the birds.