Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty of Nature

"if you destroy nature, nature will destroy you"

these are words for 2004 nobel prize winner Wangari Mathai who has been the leader of the green belt movement in Kenya.
Mostly she has been dealing with environmental issues up to this moment. most people thought she was crazy but now people are facing the reality.
Sometime back in Kenya people have been cutting down trees fir charcoal and using products which are not environmental friendly example use of plastic bags without recycling them... and also staying at water catchment areas of the country but now condition is so pathetic since the level of water has gone down and there is water and electricity rationing in the country.
Just imagine a country without water... the impact is no food, and no economic growth for the nation and hence of the world.
So change begins with us let us obey natures law by trying to plant trees and using bio-degradable products.