Friday, September 18, 2009

School for the girls

It is a new term since school have been opened and members of school for the girls are doing well,

Albright and sweety are doing well but but they have some difficulties of going back to school due to school fee.

Sweety's mothers is physically challenged and I feel very encouraged when she tells me " I am working hard so that in future I may be able to help my mom as well my brothers and sister."

Albright is also working hard but due to some difficulties she may not be able to go back to school.

In order to support these two girls plus the rest please send your support to the account number on the side bar and also any other kind of support is allowed like books pencil's and other stationary material.
You can also support the girls by buying a kikoy an African fabric

Your support will be much appreciated

Thanks for your support in advance

Greetings from school for the Girls


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tell me is this fair?

Sudanese journalist Lubna Ahmed Al-Hussein incidence of being charged has some how shocked me.

As far as I know dressing issues we should be smart and decent... and to some extent it is how someone feels or it is someones choice. but it seems I am wrong due to what happened to her

I don't real know what to say.... how should we dress? or what is it wrong with dressing in certain way?
I am running out of ideas please let me know