Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello... buy a kikoy

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking interest to read our blog. And for those who managed to buy the kikoy thank you so much you have played a big role in supporting our girls.

You can buy one or more kikoys and support girls in this project to pay their fees or you can pay their fees and get one kikoy and a bangle pr earring for free.

We are selling kikoys to support the girls. If you wish to buy as present please don't hesitate to contacts us.

Your support will be much appreciated

Greetings and lovely evening
School for the Girls


manuela said...

kikoys are really nice, I use them a lot: as pareos, as tableclothes, as scarfs, as towels!!

school for the girls said...

Hello Manu,
thanks so much. I like them too they are nice fabrics

francesca said...

every things is all right!! and you?? how are you?? kisses

school for the girls said...

Hi Francesca I am doing well too


Miss Welby said...

hello beauty, I've just posted some publicity for your Kikoy

manuela said...

ciao reby,
the kikoys you chose for alessandra are really nice, she likes them a lot!

Miss Welby said...

Dora tells me that she has just got the kikoys. It took one month but it was worth the effort. I'll visit Dora later on this month to get mine and after that I'll also get some money to buy two more kikoys. Ciao!

manuela said...

eheh! poste veloci keniane! ;)

school for the girls said...

I tell you Manu!!

Miss Welby said...