Friday, December 25, 2009

Kenyan Gospel

Hello darling, Miss Welby again. Since you allow me to post in your blog, here's a Kenyan Gospel for your Christmas. My old friend Dora (who is a friend of Orietta as well) loves your Kikoy and would like to get one. Me too. How can we pay you? We cannot tranfer money abroad. We give the money to Orietta and then she'll transfer them to you. OK? Ciao and kisses


manuela said...

ciao reby ciao miss welby
a big kiss to you both, hope you had a lovely christmas

school for the girls said...

Yes it was lovely,
Miss I like Ruth she is a good singer.

Just email me your adress and you will get them.

Hope you are doing well

Happy new year

Miss Welby said...

Granny, 109, born before there was cake

When she was born only white settlers could eat cake, Africans did not know what it was. The railway was still under construction, there were no roads and the region that is Kenya was then known as British East Africa Protectorate. Last week, she savoured a cream-coated cake to mark her 109th birthday and recalled milestones in her life that sound like chapters in the history of Kenya.

Rocking her head slowly to the tune of gospel music playing from a radio, Naomi Wanjiku Nduru bared a toothless gum in a broad smile as she joked, "I still feel like a girl".

During her birthday, celebrated at a house in Bangladesh Estate, Nakuru, she was surrounded by grandchildren and great grandchildren who revelled in the presence of their family scion.

Speaking in a shrill voice in Kikuyu language, Wanjiku acknowledges that she is one of few people in the world to attain 100 plus years. Her husband and five children have all passed away, leaving her under the care of her grandchildren.

According to Wanjiku’s granddaughter, Jane Wacuka, her grandmother was born on December 19, 1900 at Gatundu in Kiambu. The date of birth was specifically recorded by European missionaries who worked in the area then and she managed to keep the record.

Kenya was declared a British colony when she was 20 years old. Then, she recalls, the only money available were cent coins which had a hole in the middle.

francesca said...

happy new year rebecca!!!! kisses

manuela said...

happy new year to you and all your family

Anonymous said...


school for the girls said...

Happy new year Manu and francesca!!!!
Michel That is awesome.. reaching a century its not Ajoke