Friday, December 24, 2010

Festive Season

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for your support throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

Wishes from Kenya
School for the girls

Friday, December 17, 2010

Facing Law

in the year 2007-2008, many Kenyan lost their loved ones while others were left homeless as a result of the post election violence which was an incitement from Kenyan leaders. Now it's bitter for our leaders to face the International Criminal Court......

Monday, December 13, 2010

A big thank you to...

Kenya MOJA and Global Voices Online
the aggregators which helped my blog become known,
and obviously Miss Welby as well :)

Italian lesson #6

This time we'll become acquainted with Italian rockstar Gianna Nannini, number one female rockstar in Italy (the number one man is Vasco Rossi). Gianna, who like Vasco is over 50 y-o, recently gave birth and wrote a song about that, but it is not available on Youtube yet. Instead, here are some of her songs with subtitles in English. Enjoy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugandan politician urges men to sex strike for votes

A Ugandan opposition politician on Thursday urged his male supporters to go on sex strike until their wives promise not to vote for the ruling party in upcoming national elections. Most analysts believe the February poll will return long-running President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) party to power. "You say you are opposition supporters but your wives are still voting for the NRM," Stanley Kalembaye told a group of men at a town hall meeting, part of which was screened on the East African country's NTV television channel. "I suggest you tell them you will deny them conjugal rights until they change parties". The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate, who is running for mayor in the southwestern Mbarara town, said the men should explain to their wives that NRM rule had led to unemployment and lack of growth. "They should try to explain the situation to their wives who may not hear about it when they are home with the children," Kalembaye told Reuters. "But if they are frustrated their wives don't understand, they may deny sex". Sex strikes have been used as political weapons in African countries before -- but they are more usually organised by women against men. Thousands of Kenyan women claimed to deny their husbands sex last year in a bid to end post election strife and a group of Liberian women did the same in a campaign that many say played a role in ending that country's lengthy civil war... Reuters

Friday, December 3, 2010

Enjoy Bob Marley?

This is his best, a song which made history in music, HIS BEST SONG, A MASTEREPIECE, un capolavoro di musicalità

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fooling People

I Like Bob Marleys words
" You can fool some people at some time but you cant fool all people all time."

Greater meaning for the present.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Insight

I came across a phrase today - "Be good to all people as you go up since you may need them as you go down".

This gave me an Idea of how someone needs to be kind to every one indiscriminatingly, since you never know about tomorrow...
So let's be good to everyone!!!!!

Wangari Muta Maathai

Where was I in 2004 ?!? Hi, this is Miss Welby. I was probably sleeping in 2004 since I didn't notice the Nobel Peace Prize was given to this woman from Kenya, Wangari Muta Maathai, whom - I must admit my ignorance -, I've never heard about before today. But now I know thanks to Wikipedia that she's another great African woman!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Woman married to four wives

After 10 years of marriage without a child in the 1960s, she did what would sound crazy in the eyes of many. Elizabeth Chemesunde Olekima, 87, divorced her husband and sought fellow women to start a new family. The Nandi culture allows a barren woman to marry another woman to sire children with her husband or another man of her choice — a form of surrogacy. In early 1970s, she started looking for a wife, got one, paid dowry and started living with her. Her desire to have many children saw her negotiate and pay dowry for other three wives, a rare feat but elders approved the marriage. Chemesunde grew up at Kapkoi in Uasin Gishu and in Nandi and got married and settled in Kilgoris. When she couldn’t bear any children, she returned to Nandi where her relatives and elders approved her intentions to marry. "I wanted to marry so that I can have children to maintain our family lineage," she says. Chemesunde says she met her first wife and negotiated with her parents and later paid seven cows.

Family breadwinner
"The same was done for my second, third and fourth wives. I paid their parents, five and seven cows respectively," she said. A man, she recalls, eloped with her first wife, while the second passed on some years back. She is now left with two wives and eight children. The women respect and love her as their ‘husband’. Due to the role she took upon herself, Chemesunde is expected to be the family’s breadwinner, a role she says she has done well through farming. She stays with one of the wives, Esther Olekima at Kapsundei village in Kilgoris where she has bought two acres of land and two cows. The second stays in a four-acre land in Tinderet, Nandi East District. "We met in Tinderet and she convinced me into marriage," says Olekima, 45, who is Chemesunde’s fourth wife. They sealed the marriage at a traditional ceremony. According to the Nandi customs, Chemesunde can choose men for her wives. In this kind of arrangement, a woman is also allowed to look out for ‘suitable’ men to sire children with. This means a woman married under this arrangement can have children with different men. The men cannot lay claim to the children as they belong to the ‘husband’ who married the women. The third wife, Eunice Tapkili, lives in Tinderet and has four children. "I wanted my wives to have separate homes in Tinderet and Kapsundei to avoid any conflicts or competition amongst them," said Chemesunde. The octogenarian is not worried that her wives will be dispossessed when she passes on. The Nandi culture protects property of women married by other women. This means no one can claim the lands that Chemesunde has bought for her wives. Two of her sons are married and her last born is in Class Seven. Such marriages are also practised among the Abagusii and Kuria communities... Standard Media

Thursday, November 18, 2010


School for the Girls' small project has been involved in paying fees for Girls who are not able to afford fees in Kibera. we really appreciate for the people who have been able to journey with us in helping out of our girls.

If you would wish to help girls to gain education do so by purchasing Kikoy: an African fabric which is used multi purposefully. for instance as furniture cover, towels also used in designing shirts for men and African dresses for women.

P/s contact us through our email in the profile post.
Lovely evening

Friday, November 12, 2010

Against all odds

It is difficult to think of how life can be when some one has to move on with the challenges in life like disability. People tend to perceive disability like a challenge that limits people to go on with their life, some of people with these challenges have proved them wrong. For example Italian lady Simona Atzori who visited Kenya. Despite her life without hands she has been a role model to many people with disabilities.

She is an inspiration to many people who think they cannot go on in life because of a small limit. Don't complain of your situations but instead be strong and go on!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wonderful Week for Women

Beautiful to see Brazilian 1st woman president, a form of gender equality.

Brings a memory of worlds women leaders who have moved against all the odds like the Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Congrats Ms Dilma Rousseff!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Girls Project

Hello Friends,
Thank you very much for taking your time to read through our blog. This Girl's small project has come from far and from a little idea, and our main aim is to help girls from poor condition in kibera to pay their school fees for them to have a brighter future.

So far this small project has managed to help one Girl in paying her school fee (sweety) and at the moment she is doing her final Kenyan High school Examination. We wish her all the best!!!

Still the struggle continues since their are others remaining to be helped. If you would wish to support more other girls you can buy kikoys (African fabric) and ornaments from this projects or send your support to the account number in the side bar above. If you have any question you can contact us through our email on this blogs profile.

Lovely evening

Saturday, October 16, 2010

World's hand wahing day

Last week was world's day for washing hands. and you might have taken it for granted but just remember Washing hands is important because:
  • Every human being comes in contact with germs and bacteria in their daily life. These harmful micro organisms are present all around us like on door knobs.

  • The most important advantage of hand washing is that you prevent yourself from getting infected by a number of dangerous ailments.

  • Not washing hands has also the ability to cause gastrointestinal illnesses and also diarrhoea which can spread to the whole family.
So do justice to your self by remembering to wash your hands every moment you can afford to, just like brushing you teeth.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Campaign for Female Education

By joining for free this Facebook page (click on link) you'll help girls' education in Africa because for every new member anonymous donors will donate 50 cents (up to now over 56,000 people have joined and USD 28,000 have been donated). Girls and young women in rural areas of Africa are the most disadvantaged social group in the world today. Without an education, girls are likely to be trapped in a cycle of poverty. By sending girls to school, Camfed sets them on the path to self-reliance so they can improve their own lives, their families and communities.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smiling Girls

It's happy to see Albright, Rose and Agnes Back to school happy and ready to learn. (Rose is just about to finish her high school and we are proud because she has been a beneficiary of the project since her 1st year)

These three girls are being supported by this small project to enhance their learning through different people who have been able to purchase the kikoy.

You can support this girls by either buying Kikoy (African Fabric used for several purpose) and or African jewellery to support them with their education.

Through anyone who is interested, more girls who are unable to afford education can be supported. We mainly sell different African ornaments and the kikoy fabric or a bag made from the kikoy

Thank you in advance for your support.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

America's "Second Lady" Jill Biden, wife of vice-president Joe, pictured in Kibera visiting the Binti Pamoja girls of Carolina for Kibera 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dig toilets, Not graves

4,000 children die, every day
That’s three children every minute of every day. They die because they don’t have proper toilets, so many have to defecate wherever they can. Faeces contaminates everything they touch, eat and drink, causing deadly diarrhoeal diseases.

The solution is so simple
We can stop the suffering by digging safe pit toilets. The technology needed is as simple as a spade. The training and equipment are no more complicated. And pit toilets last for years, saving lives day after day. So your gift will keep on working.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Miracolo Rudisha scoperto dal prete che crea fenomeni

Il più famoso sacerdote nell'atletica è stato il reverendo Bob Richards, tre partecipazioni olimpiche nell'asta, un bronzo a Londra e due ori a Helsinki e Melbourne. Ora c'è Padre O'Connell, 63 anni irlandese di Cork, cattolico, simpatico personaggio dal viso rotondo ed un perenne sorriso sulle labbra. Lui non ha vinto nulla, anzi lo sport non sapeva cosa fosse, come confessa candidamente. L'ha scoperto suo malgrado ed ora si ritrova sotto i riflettori perché è l'allenatore di David Rudisha, primatista mondiale degli 800 prima a Berlino e domenica a Rieti. L'Africa è nel cuore del reverendo che vi è approdato nel 1976 chiamato in Kenya dal fratello del campione britannico Brendan Foster, professore alla St. Patrick's. Si giocava a calcio o rugby, poca atletica. Ma due anni dopo Foster tornò in Inghilterra e padre O'Connell restò solo. «Non mi sono perso d'animo anzi ho provato a cambiare i programmi, anche atletica, corsa per lo più, dove i keniani sembrano dotati. Però non sapevo nulla dei metodi di allenamento, dovevo imparare. Comprai libri, leggevo di tutto, poi provai ad applicare. Piano piano mi sono trovato ad essere un tecnico a bordo campo a preparare tabelle ed a giudicare i giovani che passavano per la St. Patrick's, dove lavoravo insegnando letteratura»... continua sulla Gazzetta dello sport

Friday, August 13, 2010

With one good leg, US veterans climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Three US amputee veterans have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, enduring tumbles and sores to reach Africa's highest peak with only one good leg among them.

The veterans - of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq - hiked to the top of the 5,891m (19,330ft) high Tanzanian mountain in six days to show that disability need not lead to inactivity. The trip typically takes five or six days, and the men had to stop frequently to adjust their titanium prosthetic legs, as they slipped constantly on the loose scree-covered paths. The hikers were Dan Nevins, 37, who lost his legs in Iraq; Neil Duncan, 26, who lost both legs in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan in 2005; and Kirk Bauer, 62, who lost a leg in Vietnam in 1969. "If three amputees from three different wars and two different generations with literally one good leg can climb Kilimanjaro, our other disabled friends can get out and go hiking or go biking or swim a mile, can get out and lead a healthy life," Mr Bauer told the Associated Press news agency. Mr Nevins developed a bad sore on one of his stumps and after reaching the peak was evacuated on a wheeled stretcher. Mr Bauer is executive director of Disabled Sports USA, a Washington DC-area organisation that promotes physical fitness and sport participation for individuals with disabilities... BBC

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oxallis and Albright

several tears back, when I was small about five years old. I used to pick some of the edible leaves and eat them. unfortunately I never knew their real name, for me they were 'Nyamnyam'.

But I am so glad last Sunday I came to know their name through the little girl Albright ..... they are called Oxallis.
I feel so happy and empowered with the little knowledge!!!

Please get more information about them: Oxallis

Lovely week

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best of the blog

A new feature: by clicking BEST OF THE BLOG you get a selection of the 30 most popular posts (with five or more comments), but if you really want la crème de la crème click BEST OF THE BEST and you get the top ten posts with ten or more comments!

(and don't forget that by clicking KIKOY you get all the posts on the Kikoy project)

Hello... buy a kikoy

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking interest to read our blog. And for those who managed to buy the kikoy thank you so much you have played a big role in supporting our girls.

You can buy one or more kikoys and support girls in this project to pay their fees or you can pay their fees and get one kikoy and a bangle pr earring for free.

We are selling kikoys to support the girls. If you wish to buy as present please don't hesitate to contacts us.

Your support will be much appreciated

Greetings and lovely evening
School for the Girls

The most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing on earth is not who you are or where you come from but what you are doing to be who you are and what direction you are heading to. Always learning to live peacefully and love everyone to make the universe a better place for everyone.

Cheers friends

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th, Blogroll Independence Day !

Happy Independence Day from Africa to our American blogfriends with this
Blogroll Independence Day

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

The Famous and most loved game: football started who is going to win?


Dear Rebecca, this is MW, thank you for your question, the answer is: yes, Africa, and I'll explain you how.

In 80 years, up to now the World Cup has only travelled two continents: 9 times to South America (5 Brazil, 2 Uruguay, 2 Argentina) and 9 times to Europe (4 Italy, 3 Germany, 1 England, 1 France). It is high time that it goes to a third continent which in the past three decades has given so much to world football. This time a record six teams from Africa are playing:

- South Africa, or Bafana Bafana, have the advantage of playing with home support and their terribly noisy vuvuzelas, but they face a though competition in their group with France, Uruguay and Mexico, with whom they already drew on the opening day, which is good but frankly the team is not the best in the world (most of them play in South Africa and have little international experience), although their coach Parreira is Brazilian and therefore you can be sure he knows a couple of things about football!

- Nigeria, or the Super Eagles, have a better tradition in football (although they currently only rank #21 in Africa), some very good players (all of them playing in Europe, look out for Odiah and Martins [pictured] and, oddly enough, all their three goalkeepers play in Israel) and a relatively easier group except for Argentina, which will almost certainly go through. South Korea may represent a problem but Greece should be easy game.

- Ghana, or the Black Stars, have a good tradition too in African football: only Egypt is currently in better shape (but did not qualify). Look out for Inter Milan new star Muntari. They are in a though group with Germany, Australia and Serbia: funny, for Ghana's coach is Serbian! Germany will almost certainly go through, therefore Ghana will have to dispute second place in the group with Australia and Serbia. Not an easy task.

- Ivory Coast, or the Elephants, with a respectable tradition in African football and several "European" stars such as Tourè and Drogba (pictured) and very experienced coach Eriksson, but a terrible group: as for North Korea, consider them already home, but the other two are very bad news: Brazil and Portugal...

- Cameroon, or the Indomitable Lions, are historically the most successful African team, having been the first to reach the quarter-finals (in 1990), an achievement only accomplished again by Senegal in 2002. Up to now these have been the best results for Africa in the World Cup. Their captain is superstar Eto'o, the most decorated African player of all time, last year he won everything in Europe with Barcelona and this year again he won everything in Europe with Inter Milan. Cameroon are my favourite to go through: they face a relatively easy game with Japan and a quite difficult game with strong Netherlands, therefore it is extremely important that they beat Denmark.

- Algeria, or the Desert Foxes, despite their success in recent years they are not the best team on the pitch: in their group they have a good chance with Slovenia but it will be hard with England and the United States, favourites to go through. Pictured, not very happy for this sad situation, is their captain Yahia.

KEY MATCHES. In sum: best chances are for Cameroon if they beat Denmark, then Nigeria if they beat South Korea, then South Africa if they beat France (which I strongly hope as the French did not deserve to qualify with an invalid goal against Ireland), then Ghana if they beat both Serbia and Australia. Little chances for Algeria and Ivory Coast.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Assuming that all the African teams finish the group stage in second place, from 26th June they will be playing by direct elimination the winners of other groups. This is a possible scenario:

Mexico - Nigeria. Mexico is strong but not impossible, 50/50 chance for Nigeria.

Argentina - South Africa. I'm afraid this is very hard: blow your vuvuzelas!

England (or USA) - Ghana. Let's hope the USA win their group: it will be easier than facing England.

Germany - Algeria. No match, Algeria out.

Italy - Cameroon. Don't take the result for granted: in 1982, when Italy ended up World Champions, in the group stage Cameroon surprisingly drew 1-1 with us Azzurri, and since then they grew a lot. Cameroon have a chance!

Netherlands - Paraguay. Netherlands will probably go through.

Spain - Ivory Coast. No way, Ivory Coast out

Brazil - Chile. Obviously, best chances for Brazil

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Assuming that four African teams out of six go through to the quarter-finals (including South Africa beating Argentina!), from 2nd July the possible scenario is:

Nigeria - South Africa. If tha Bafana Bafana reach this stage (unlikely because of Argentina), I don't see why they cannot beat Nigeria. More likely, I'm afraid, that Argentina will knock out both South Africa and Nigeria.

Germany - Ghana. Only if Ghana beat either England or the USA in the previous stage. In this case they have some chances with Germany, but more likely, I'm afraid, a repeat of World War II between Germany and England.

Cameroon - Netherlands. Only if Cameroon beat Italy, and that means that they can beat Netherlands as well.

Spain - Brazil. On 3rd July, one of the best matches of the World Cup. I'm for Spain as Brazil have already won 5 World Cups against Italy's 4, and they are hosting the 2014 World Cup, which means they could become unreachable at 7-4.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? On 6th and 7th July for the first time in history an African team may reach the World Cup semi-finals! Let's sum up the possible scenarios: twelve teams are left out of the original 32, and four of them are African.

Argentina OR Nigeria OR South Africa VS Germany OR Ghana OR England OR Usa

Cameroon OR Netherlands OR Italy VS Brazil OR Spain

In this fantasy game we are for Africa, which means:

Nigeria OR South Africa VS Ghana. My money's on Ghana

Cameroon VS Brazil OR Spain. Go Cameroon!

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? THE FINAL !!! (on 11th July at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, pictured) 

Who's gonna win the World Cup? Cameroon or Ghana? I really don't know!, but one thing is for sure: either case it will be Africa :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Italian (and French) lesson #5

«E allora balliamo». È l’invito di Stromae, vero nome Paul van Haver, cantante e musicista belga che sta imperversando in tutta Europa. Numero uno in Francia, Olanda, Grecia, Germania, Austria, Svizzera, Danimarca e Belgio, «Alors on danse» è il video più trasmesso in Italia e al secondo posto delle più scaricata (legalmente) dopo settimane al numero uno. Un tormentone costruito attorno a tre elementi: un ritmo ipnotico, un violino che sembra uno strumento etnico, un cantato quasi rap che elenca una serie di problemi, da quelli di cuore a quelli finanziari a quelli della fame nel mondo... Corriere

Translation into Italian:

Allora balliamo...

chi dice studio dice lavoro
chi dice lavoro dice soldi
chi dice denaro dice spese
chi dice fido dice debito
chi dice debito ti dice ufficiale giudiziario
chi dice seduti nella merda
chi dice amore dice bambini
dice sempre e poi divorzia
dhi dice parenti ti dice lutto perché i problemi non vengono soli
Chi dice crisi, dice mondo, dice fame, dice terzo-mondo
chi dice fatica dice sveglia ancora sordo alla vigilia
allora usciamo per dimenticare tutti i problemi

allora balliamo...

E ora ti dici che è finita perché peggio di così ci sarebbe la morte
quando infine credi che ce la farai, quando pensi non ce ne sia più ce n'è ancora
La musica oppure i problemi, i problemi oppure la musica
Ti prende l'ansia, la testa e poi preghi perché finisca
ma è il tuo corpo non è il cielo e allora non ti tappi più le orecchie
E gridi ancora più forte, ma questa sensazione non desiste

allora cantiamo
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala...

E poi solo quando è finito, allora balliamo
e ce n'è ancora

Friday, May 14, 2010

Matatu! (Italian lesson #4)

Un mondiale alternativo, da vivere per le strade attraverso i villaggi dell'Africa, dove il clamore della coppa non arriva, ma dove forse c'è più bisogno di stare insieme e sorridere, almeno per il tempo di una partitella: questo è il progetto straordinario di un gruppo di ragazzi che sta per partire dall'Italia per un viaggio a tappe sulla via della solidarietà.

Learn what a Matatu is on Wikipedia in ENGLISH, ITALIANO, SWAHILI

Il Matatu di Altropallone partirà da Milano il 23 maggio per passare da Verona, Padova, Firenze, Roma e da lì saltare in Kenya per attraversare Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambico, e arrivare in Sud Africa (con tappa in Lesotho) in tempo per i mondiali di calcio!

Sul Matatu viaggiano 3 volontari italiani e 4 kenyoti, con tanti palloni, maglie, porte pieghevoli e tirarighe per improvvisare un campionato ovunque: tutti quelli che lo vorranno, nei villaggi, nelle baraccopoli, per le strade impolverate.

Non si può che concludere con le parole del grande Nelson Mandela: "Lo sport ha il potere di cambiare il mondo. Ha il potere di ispirare, ha il potere di unire un popolo, come poche altre cose fanno"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its a miracle!!!

Dear Friends,
Once more again it good to look back where we are from since a journey of thousands miles always begins with a single step. This is a similar story to our project: because as this small project started i never knew it can impact on someones life but finally here in Rose' story:

"My name Is Rose Adhiambo (Sweety) I am 18 years old and I live in Kibera slums of Nairobi in Kenya. I come from a family of three, my mom is a single parent and at the same time she has physical disability. Now I am in form four and I have two more terms to complete my high school.

When I flash back: After completing my primary school, I passed my examination and my mom was not in a good position to pay my school fee. I went to a day school in the rural area where I used to stay with my aunt, life was not easy for me at all because from time to time I was sent back home because of school fees, this really made my aunt very happy, because it make her work easier since I could do all the house work for her while she went to do her business in the market, this really compromised my studies and I had really loosed hope in completing my high school studies. Fortunately Rebecca Talked to my Mom about School for the Girls project which has really helped me in paying my school fees, furthermore I was able to go a boarding school.

I am very grateful since I see it as a miracle since now I am sure of sitting for my final examination this year since I am registered with the National council for the Kenya Examination. So far this is a big miracle to me!!!
thank you so much for your support"

This is a big achievement and a step further, you can check on the kikoy project to help more girls.

Thanks so much!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Manuela loves Portuguese...

... and I love Amy. This is Amy with subtitles in Portuguese

(and talking about Portugal, I love Mourinho too!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Power of Silence

this is what I've learnt today:

Silence heals
it is not a weakness as we think

Silence is a strong weapon

I know silence is a gift.

if you are troubled take a moment and reflect in silence and you will be healed.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Support Google hard line towards arrogant China

Unheard before in History, a Company might be about to stand up against censorship, with a little help by Mrs Hillary Clinton.
Unheard before by a liberal socialist, we are with the Company: GO ON, SHUT DOWN OPERATIONS IN CHINA.
We are with you, Mountain View, Do the right thing, we'll always be with you if do such a courageus thing

Italian lesson #3...

... with Irene Grandi and her current top hit (as usual with lyrics)...

update: APOLOGIES!, the following one does not seem to work. I'll fix the problem as soon as I'm back on broadband at home later on tonight. In the meantime enjoy the second video down below, which works greatly!

update 2: found a video by Irene with good lyrics: just pay attention that the "nè" is wrong: it's the only letter in Italian that we have different accent: it should be "é" in this case. all other accents are OK: à, è, ì, ò, ù

... and Irene again with her greatest success (subject to review when I check the audio on broadband later on), the "tormentone" Bruci la città

both songs subject to review in order to find better audio versions, which I'll do in a couple of days as soon as I get onto a better connection (I'm travelling right now). see you soon with Italian lesson #4 !

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day with Italian lesson #2

The Italian pop singer most known abroad is arguably Laura Pausini (although I'm not a fan, she's undoubtely very good), who won the Sanremo Music Festival (the most important in Italy, now about to have its 60th edition this upcoming week) in 1993, while the most popular in Italy is rockstar Vasco Rossi, whom I'll write about in one of the next lessons. If you want to listen to Laura Pausini's songs, here's a selection of those with the lyrics written in the videos.

But today my choice for this Italian lesson comes from the current Italian top ten chart, with Noemi together with a great perfomer, Fiorella Mannoia, who never won Sanremo (shame!) but won twice in a row the critics award in 1987-88. Here we go, obviously with lyrics!

Eventually, after "old" Mannoia, another great young talent: Giusy Ferreri with a cover version of late composer Rino Gaetano. With this you have been enjoying three great Italian singers of different generations and coming from different parts of the country: Pausini is 36, from Northern Italy; Mannoia is 56, from Rome in the middle; and Ferreri is 30, from Sicily in the South.

Happy Valentine Day and enjoy this Italian lesson in music with lyrics!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Among the new widgets you see in the left-hand sidebar is Amref - the African Medical and Research Foundation - with headquarters in Nairobi. Click on the widget or here on Amref on Wikipedia to learn more

Friday, February 5, 2010

Italian lesson #1

Here at the school of the girls we have a new subject: lessons in Italian language!

Of course Rebecca and the girls know international language English, but Italian is superior, another thing altogether: it's the language of art, music, poetry, love and inspiration.

It'll be fun as my lessons are gonna be musical, starting with Elisa Toffoli, or simply Elisa, the most talented young Italian singer, with her lyrics in English:

... but now get the same song translated into Italian. Are you ready? There we go!

That was Italian lesson #1. More will follow. In the meantime, enjoy the latest one by Elisa (with lyrics in Italian only, try and translate). Anyway, open comments for the lyrics

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because the night (belongs to lovers), with Patti, Bruce and the U2

Greatest poetress of rock of all times, Patti Smith, performing Because the Night, co-written with rock legend Bruce Springsteen. In this extraordinary video they sing together in 2009, 33 years on. The band supporting the two guys: nothing less than the U2...!

Unfortunately, the audio is bad. Watch below for a better sound (but without Bruce and Bono), and open comments to read the lyrics

Greatest Love of all

Hello Pals,
Over the few weeks we have been going through Whitney Houston's song Greatest love of all.
And I realized a truth out of it.

"... I found the greatest love of all inside of me
the greatest love of all it is easy to achieve
Learning to love your self
It is the greatest love of all"

Over the past weeks this song has been very inspirational to not that it is old but the beautiful word inside it that made me go on. if you have listened to it go through the words one by one and you will know what I mean. Greatest love of all is learning to love your self because if you dont love love your self you will not love anyone else because or Christians: You must love your neighbor as you love yourself. which meanns if you dont love you self you will never love your neighbour or anyone else.
So the greatest love of all is starting to love yourself and hence you can love others more.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to the Hamburger

Congratulations to 22-y-o McDonald "Hamburger" Mariga, football player for the Kenya national team and from today for Inter Milan, one of the greatest teams on earth. With this move the lucky guy, first Kenyan to play in Italy, has already virtually won the Italian Serie A, as Inter is currently 8 points ahead of AC Milan and Roma.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Amy Winehouse for Nelson Mandela

Congrats Reb, you are now officially "Africa and Education Editor" of Miss Welby, my great blog. Let's celebrate with our friend Amy :)

Especially for Reb and the Girls: Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love (with lyrics)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A great lesson on how a great country works, and it is not by chance it's a superpower: former presidents Clinton and Bush, despite their bitter rivality, are pictured today with current president Obama, united for Haiti. Thank you America!

Some more great music with Mary J Blige and the U2

previous video had defective audio, I've substituted it with this one. Hope it works better

Helen Folasade Adu

Today is the birthday of Helen Folasade Adu, better known as Sade. Her new album is coming soon

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Si svuotino gli arsenali, si riempiano i granai !

Dear Rebecca, please allow me to post in your blog in order to pay homage to one of the greatest persons we've had in Italian history, who passed away twenty years ago on 24 February 1990, aged 93, after having served as the most popular ever, by far, President of the Republic of Italy.

Alessandro (simply "Sandro") Pertini comes from Liguria, the same region as Orietta's and Manuela's on the sea, nearby Genoa. He fought in World War II against nazi-fascism. He was sentenced to death but escaped. In 1978 he was elected President of the Republic of Italy, the seventh after the Constitution of the Republic which he himself contributed to write after World War II.

No other Italian President has never ever matched his popularity (although the current one Mr Giorgio Napolitano is a very good and decent person). We Italians were united in loving him, especially when he said something important about AFRICA, one of his most known sentences:


which I can roughly translate into: Let's fuck up weapons and rather care about filling the granaries

He meant to feed needy people rather than make war. Unfortunately, his extraordinary message of wisdom has fallen on deaf ears... But in the spirit of his message we'll keep on fighting for justice

Thank you!!

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for buying the kikoy.

Girls are back in school and are so happy about it!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update with Gigliola Cinquetti

This is an update with Italian great singer Gigliola Cinquetti

Saluti da me e Dora. Thank you!