Thursday, January 14, 2010

Si svuotino gli arsenali, si riempiano i granai !

Dear Rebecca, please allow me to post in your blog in order to pay homage to one of the greatest persons we've had in Italian history, who passed away twenty years ago on 24 February 1990, aged 93, after having served as the most popular ever, by far, President of the Republic of Italy.

Alessandro (simply "Sandro") Pertini comes from Liguria, the same region as Orietta's and Manuela's on the sea, nearby Genoa. He fought in World War II against nazi-fascism. He was sentenced to death but escaped. In 1978 he was elected President of the Republic of Italy, the seventh after the Constitution of the Republic which he himself contributed to write after World War II.

No other Italian President has never ever matched his popularity (although the current one Mr Giorgio Napolitano is a very good and decent person). We Italians were united in loving him, especially when he said something important about AFRICA, one of his most known sentences:


which I can roughly translate into: Let's fuck up weapons and rather care about filling the granaries

He meant to feed needy people rather than make war. Unfortunately, his extraordinary message of wisdom has fallen on deaf ears... But in the spirit of his message we'll keep on fighting for justice


school for the girls said...

Thank you so much,
This is wonderful.... a beautiful message that can never die.

Thanks MIss

Sandro Pertini is a hero said...

The Miss is right, we Italians were really inloved with this man who just spoke out his thoughts, frankly and with no fear.

Can I just point out the he was very angry when he said that. He was utterly outraged by the scandal of people dying out of famine while other bloody fucking idiots were making profits by means of war, terrorism and violence.

Sandro Pertini is a hero, we urgently need people like him

Miss Welby said...

Hi Reb, you've just got one more link from Italy and some more from the USA