Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day with Italian lesson #2

The Italian pop singer most known abroad is arguably Laura Pausini (although I'm not a fan, she's undoubtely very good), who won the Sanremo Music Festival (the most important in Italy, now about to have its 60th edition this upcoming week) in 1993, while the most popular in Italy is rockstar Vasco Rossi, whom I'll write about in one of the next lessons. If you want to listen to Laura Pausini's songs, here's a selection of those with the lyrics written in the videos.

But today my choice for this Italian lesson comes from the current Italian top ten chart, with Noemi together with a great perfomer, Fiorella Mannoia, who never won Sanremo (shame!) but won twice in a row the critics award in 1987-88. Here we go, obviously with lyrics!

Eventually, after "old" Mannoia, another great young talent: Giusy Ferreri with a cover version of late composer Rino Gaetano. With this you have been enjoying three great Italian singers of different generations and coming from different parts of the country: Pausini is 36, from Northern Italy; Mannoia is 56, from Rome in the middle; and Ferreri is 30, from Sicily in the South.

Happy Valentine Day and enjoy this Italian lesson in music with lyrics!

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