Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smiling Girls

It's happy to see Albright, Rose and Agnes Back to school happy and ready to learn. (Rose is just about to finish her high school and we are proud because she has been a beneficiary of the project since her 1st year)

These three girls are being supported by this small project to enhance their learning through different people who have been able to purchase the kikoy.

You can support this girls by either buying Kikoy (African Fabric used for several purpose) and or African jewellery to support them with their education.

Through anyone who is interested, more girls who are unable to afford education can be supported. We mainly sell different African ornaments and the kikoy fabric or a bag made from the kikoy

Thank you in advance for your support.


manuela said...

ciao girls, I would like to buy 5 kikoys.
I really liked the ones my cousin Alessandra bought last Christmas.
I will email you

manuela said...

p.s. Albright is a big girl!!!!! wow!

school for the girls said...

oK, Manuela.
I will be waiting for the email,

She has really grown, she is taller than me...

Have a lovely evening