Monday, December 13, 2010

Italian lesson #6

This time we'll become acquainted with Italian rockstar Gianna Nannini, number one female rockstar in Italy (the number one man is Vasco Rossi). Gianna, who like Vasco is over 50 y-o, recently gave birth and wrote a song about that, but it is not available on Youtube yet. Instead, here are some of her songs with subtitles in English. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

W la Gianna! :)

Miss Welby said...

WOW, I didn't realize that this was post number 100 in your blog! Apologies, I should have left the honour to Rebecca.
Anyway, the statistics are impressive: in July you had just 764 pageviews, in August 822, in September 986, in October 1270, in November 1917, and in December you'll go over TWO THOUSAND PAGEVIEWS.
Most of your audience come from the USA (3386), then Italy (565), UK (356), Germany (197), Canada (195) and Kenya (183).
Most of your traffic come from my blogs, secondly from and thirdly from (let's give them a link back!, I'll take care about it).
From Google, people come here by searching for "girls" and "spina bifida" (your most popular post).
These are interesting and impressive stats. Congratulations and keep up the good job