Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking Care of a Child with Disabillity

Once a child with disability is born in a family most people usually thinks of him or her as a burden and nothing good can come out of him or her, as a result of that the child may become rejected not just by the family and community but also self rejection. This can hinder the child's development and to some extend it may affect how that child behave and relates with other people not just in childhood but also in adulthood this may as well create trouble and more problem for these children.

Before any treatment like corrective surgery or rehabilitation the first basic thing that any child with disability needs is LOVE. Once you give them love they will reveal a higher personality about themselves and they may give society greater things that no one anticipated.

in order to integrate people with disability in out society the key issue to eliminate is prejudice and negative attitudes about disability because these two issues can be more disabling than disability itself. Then learn to love more