Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Italy 150

Today is the 150th anniversary of the unity if Italy, previously divided in fiefdoms but then united by heroic Giuseppe Garibaldi (whose expedition to unify Italy was made of just one thousand troops), and once completed the task he famously said "we made Italy, now let's make Italians".

In the past half-century Italian radio-TV took care of the latter problem by letting people from North to South communicating in the same language, more or less, and today we celebrate thanks to insistance of our great current President Giorgio Napolitano, who compensates for the sorry international image of our prime minister Berlusconi, widely recognized as a buffoon.

In the meantime of our history, we had an even bigger problem than Berlusconi: a great idiot called Benito Mussolini who dragged us in the biggest tragedy of our country: his fascist alliance with Nazi Germany (Hitler) caused our involvement in WWII, and moreover a civil war, with millions of victims and consequent poverty and desperation. Not to mention the unfortunate and dreadful Mussolini's colonialist ambitions in Africa... Very sorry for that.

Then we had a new Risorgimento (Resurgence): it begun when we had the most popular President of the republic ever: Sandro Pertini was a wartime prisoner who escaped jail and death penalty to fight fascism. Unfortunately things have worsened and we now have a government made of thieves and pimps, but President Napolitano has tonight given us hope by delivering a great emotional speech.

Viva il presidente Napolitano e VIVA L'ITALIA !

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Miss Welby said...

Actually the anniversary is on 17 March, but this blog is on Pacific West Coast time