Friday, April 27, 2012

My Africa, by Elena Galimberti

Hi Reb, last week in Milan an artist friend of mine was exhibiting her paintings and when I saw this one I immediately thought of you. She gave me permission to post it in our blogs. Hope you're fine!

Elena Galimberti (aka Poison) was born and works in Milan. More or less self-taught, she occasionaly attended various courses just in order to learn the basics of several pictorial and artistic techniques in order to use them as she likes: painting on fabric and ceramics; sculptures, wood-carving, and live figures. Always looking for something different and original.

This work is part of her Silhouettes' plan: telling history within history. Here we have the shape of Africa inside (inside only) which the painting develops. The technique is a mix of carved or pokerworked wood. In this case pyrography is the technique of decorating wood by burning a design with a heated metallic point, thus leaving a mark delineating the contours of the figures, all completed with sands, plasters and oil colours.

Leggi questo in italiano su Miss Welby

Monday, April 16, 2012

Italian Lesson with Francesco Guccini

Hi Reb, enjoy not just the great music but the lyrics as well - this is pure Poetry by Francesco Guccini, dedicated to you. Hope that you and the girls are fine.