Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disability Mainstreaming in Fashion Industry

The 16 year old Elinor Idarson is among the special people that I have met. She is a super model who does wheel chair cat walk. Having physical disability in our contemporary society has locked out people with disability but I am proud that Elinor can remind the world that there is beauty in life and beauty in all our imperfections! Therefore, the barriers and people's mind set to the matter should change
"Ellinor think Funki models are a great way to include people with disabilities in the fashion industry. Besides, it is not very good in the media, she says. Disabled persons can hardly be seen at all in newspapers, radio and television. - If a little girl sitting in a wheelchair sees a wheelchair user model in a magazine, she gets someone to look up to. I have myself been missing." Elinor Idarson

Proud of you Elinor!

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