Monday, March 9, 2015

Albino in Tanzania

The first incidence: A child is playing outside their home in his home village and out of no where a group of unknown people rush towards him and chop off his arm...... Second incidence: A woman who married to a man for several years is sold out by her husband meaning... the woman will be chopped off alive and her body parts will be used for witchcraft purposes. This has been the plight of people living with albinism in Tanzania.

Despite the fact that albinism is a congenital defect that is characterized by lack of skin pigmentation: People with albinism in some parts of Tanzania have encountered death while the lucky have been forced to live with permanent disabilities following barbaric belief their body parts (when used for witchcraft) will result to prosperity.

Over the past few weeks these incidences have instilled fear, lack of freedom and sense of belonging among people with albinism. The shocking bit is that very little is being done by the leaders to protect the very basic rights of their citizens.

Diversity is meant to bring about unity..... but this fact has failed to sink in human beings' hearts and mind!